Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tracking Prices for Playstation 1 Greatest Hits Games

We've started tracking the prices for PS1 Greatest Hits versions separate from the standard, black label releases.

Search "greatest hits" and then filter by "Playstation" games to see a list of all the green label releases we are tracking. The list doesn't include every greatest hits release because we excluded a bunch of sports ones where neither the black label or green label is worth much.

This change does make an impact on the more valuable/rare games like Final Fantasy VII and Castlevania Symphony of Night. A Complete in Box black label might be $30 but the greatest hits version sells for $20.

We plan on adding other variations in the future like Playstation Long Box variants, Neo Geo MVS vs AES, etc. If you have ideas for other variants to track please let us know in the comments below.


Unknown said...

1st off, thanks for starting to track different versions as these things are obviously important to us collectors. As far as other variants to track...

NES - Licensed Tengen games vs. Unlicensed Tengen games (Gauntlet, RBI Baseball and PacMan) and also Mindscape licensed Indiana Jones vs. Unlicensed Tengen version.

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