Thursday, June 30, 2011

Be a Guest Author on the PriceCharting Blog

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Do you like to write? Have a good article idea related to video games? You can be a guest author on the PriceCharting blog and we will publish your article.


* Article must be related to video games, video game collecting, or video game pricing
* Article must be unique and written by you
* Well written and shows your expertise on the subject
* Minimum of 200 words
* Include images and/or charts when appropriate
* Include your byline explaining who you are and include a url to your website if you have one
* We reserve the right to not publish any articles that are not appropriate for the blog or don't meet our guidelines in some way.
* Submit articles and article ideas via email to suggestion at vgpc dot com

What You Get:

* Your article will be in front of thousands of gamers every month
* A byline in the article that tells who you are and links to your website
* We can provide video game pricing data with you in order to write your article. Contact us with your idea if it requires raw pricing data.

Go ahead and start writing. We look forward to reading and publishing your articles.


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