Monday, February 23, 2015

Pay for Price Guides with Bitcoin

We've added Bitcoin as an option for paying for custom price guides.

The process is very easy.

1. Create your custom price guide and click 'Build My Guide'

2. Click 'bitcoin' on payment screen that pops-up

3. Send a payment to the bitcoin address shown

Friday, February 6, 2015

Thank you for your feedback and an Update

Thank you to the hundreds of people who answered our price survey. You left fantastic feedback and helped us improve our model.

Here are two changes we made just yesterday to improve it:

1) Stop recording prices for "best offer accepted" listings
There used to be a work around on eBay that let us see the accepted offer price. Sometime recently eBay closed this backdoor solution. You notified us of this change and we fixed it on our end.

Best offers were always a small portion of overall sales volume but they biased the prices higher than the actual price.

2) Use 6 month average of sales on more games
There was lots of agreement on what the price should be and the methods people used to come up with their price.

More than 60% of people averaged the most recent sales.

That is the method we already use for the vast majority of games on the PriceCharting, but some rare games or uncommon conditions (loose, cib, new) used the most recent sale. This will now be a much smaller portion.

Thank you again for your feedback and helping to improve PriceCharting.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Help Us Improve PriceCharting by Taking a 2 Question Survey

Your answers to this survey will help us improve our pricing model so future prices are more accurate.

Thank you for your honest feedback.

PS: In a couple days, the price will be corrected using our existing pricing model.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Go to Hilton Garden and Get a PSP Game

One of the rarest PSP games ever made might be available at your local Hilton Garden hotel.

Rerez, the person who made the video above, did some great research on a game called Hilton Ultimate Team Play. The game was made for the Hilton Garden hotel chain as a way to train employees.

You can play as a house keeper, front desk, cook, or maintenance and your tasks in the game mimic some of the tasks you would face in the real job. As a housekeeper you need to remember all the items on the cleaning list for each room. Did you forget to fold the toilet paper into a nice triangle? They game will let you know.

The scoring system in the game is similar to a real scoring system Hilton uses called SALT, which measures customer satisfaction.

Rerez emailed the developers of the game and found out that 500 discs were made. BUT the Hilton UTP doesn't work without a special memory stick that came with the PSP and game.

Rerez visited his local Hilton Garden and asked them about the PSP and game. They had one in storage and gave it to him. For free.

With a little bit of leg work you can get one of the rarest PSP games ever and might not have to pay a cent.

I've never seen a sale for this game so I don't know the market value. When a sale does occur we will be sure to update our site.

Hilton Ultimate Team Play might be the Pepsi Invaders of PSP.

If your successful finding one of these at your Hilton Gardens, post in the comments below.



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