Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Video Game Collection Tracker is Live

video game collection tracker

Do you know how much your game collection is worth?

Do you know exactly what games you need to complete your collection?

You can find out using PriceCharting's new game collection tracker

Easily add games to your collection.

Then see what your collection is worth. The value will update instantly every time we update our prices. And you can see how much the games for each console are worth too.

The tool seemlessly integrates with PriceCharting while search or browsing for game prices.

See an icon next to every game showing you if you own it or not. Clicking '+ collection' adds the game in seconds.

You can do the same on every individual game page too.

Additional Features of the Collection Tracker:

  • Add photos for any game you own
  • Record if the box and manual are included
  • Note the condition
  • Write any additional notes (where you bought it, when, extra info on the item, etc)
  • Share your collection with others
  • It's totally free

If you already track your collection somewhere else, you can quickly import it with our automatic collection import tool too. Just enter/copy & paste a list of the games you own and we will take care of the rest.

Please share the links to your collections in the comments below. I love seeing other game collections.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Buy PriceCharting Logo Merchandise

Do you like PriceCharting? Do you like t-shirts?

Now you can combine the two and wear the PriceCharting logo on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and phone cases.

The shirt company doing this has tons of promo deals (15% off everything as I'm writing this).

We don't make a penny off of these sales. Just a fun service to offer people who like our site.

If you buy any stuff, please tag us in a photo and share it so I can see you drinking/wearing/washing your car with PriceCharting logo.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

PayPal Accepted on the PriceCharting Marketplace

You can now buy and sell with Paypal on the PriceCharting Marketplace. This was the most requested feature from our users.

paypal pricecharting integration
When checking out, you will see a page like the one above. It asks you to log into your existing PayPal account or checkout as a guest (credit card only).

If you have a Paypal account, you can start selling on the Marketplace too. Funds will be deposited directly to your Paypal account just like any other Paypal payment.

If you don't have a Paypal account, you can signup for one and start selling within minutes.

Try clicking 'Buy It' on any marketplace listing and give us your feedback in the comments below.

For existing sellers, we will continue to support Stripe until the end of March 2017. Then you will need to migrate over to Paypal or your listing will be closed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

10 Rare Wii U Games | The Most Valuable Wii U Games

The Wii U launched in November 2012 and was killed off in 2017 when the Nintendo Switch came out. During this 4+ year lifespan, more than 190 games were released.

Some of these games sold millions of copies, while others sold poorly or were produced in very limited quantities. Many of these games have become valuable now.

Below is a list of the most rare and valuable Wii U games.

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10 Rare & Valuable Wii U Games

Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition

Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition Wii UNew Price: $1,600 | Used Price: $400 | See Current Prices

When Hyrule Warriors launched for Wii U in 2014 Nintendo released a limited edition. The Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition was only sold in NYC at the Nintendo World Store.

The exact number of copies made isn't known but it probably numbers in the hundreds. Nintendo World Store had a line 3 blocks long and not everyone in the line received a copy.

Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition

Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Wii UNew Price: $500 | Used Price: $125 | See Current Prices

Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition is the standard game with a blue shell on a pedestal for displaying. Like Hyrule Warriors, this was a Nintendo World Store exclusive.

Nintendo has never released sales figures for this limited edition, but prices indicate it is probably more common than Hyrule Warriors. Caution to would be buyers. The European version looks very similar, but is fairly common. The NTSC version is mostly red, while the European version is blue.

Hello Kitty Kruisers

Hello Kitty Kruisers Wii UNew Price: $200 | Used Price: $55 | See Current Prices

Hello Kitty Kruisers is an example of a game that is valuable, inspite of its poor quality. It's a Mario Kart type clone. The publisher probably thought, replace Mario characters with Hello Kitty characters and cash in.

They didn't print many copies of the game though because it is very hard to find. The digital version can be purchased for $10 in the eShop, but collectors aren't paying for the game they are paying for the rarity.

Super Smash Bros Wii U Controller Bundle

Super Smash Bros Controller Bundle Wii UNew Price: $180 | Used Price: $70 | See Current Prices

Nintendo released a limited edition Smash Bros Gamecube controller at the same time they released Smash Bros for Wii U. Nintendo also released a bundled version that includes the game, the controller, and the 4 port Gamecube controller adaptor.

The package originally sold for $99, but it has quickly increased in price to more than $180. The bundle is worth much less when opened because all of the parts can be bought separately and are not as rare by themselves.

Zelda Wind Waker HD Limited Edition

Zelda Wind Waker HD Limited Edition Wii UNew Price: $130 | Used Price: $70 | See Current Prices

Another Nintendo Limited Edition makes the list, but this time it was released widely instead of a World Store exclusive. The limited edition includes a 5" Ganandorf figure as the bonus item.

This only cost $69.99 at retail, $10 more than the standard edition, but this version has nearly doubled in price while the standard edition has declined. The Nintendo Selects version had a major impact on the standard version's price, but didn't put a dent in the limited edition price.

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Mario Sonic Rio 2016 Wii UNew Price: $85 | Used Price: $72 | See Current Prices

The Rio version of the Mario & Sonic series of Olympic games. It is one of the last games released on the Wii U and many retailers had cut back on their Wii U purchases. The game is tied to a specific event too, which might have discouraged retailers from buying it.

The game is fairly hard to find and probably won't be re-released because it's on a dying console and it's licensed (Sonic characters and Olympics). Licensed games are harder to reprint because the licensing agreement can have restrictions on how long the license lasts.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Special Edition

Tokyo Mirage Sessions Special Edition Wii UNew Price: $85 | Used Price: $55 | See Current Prices

Tokyo Mirage Sessions was released the same day as Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 (June 24, 2016 was a bad day to release games). The Special Edition includes an artbook, soundtrack CD, sticker sheet, and some DLC, along with the game itself.

The game is published by Atlus, notorious for their small print runs, and was sold exclusively at Gamestop and Amazon which limited its distribution. Mirage Sessions SE originally sold for $80 so prices haven't increased much, but they have held very steady.

Wii Sports Club

Wii Sports Club Wii UNew Price: $75 | Used Price: $60 | See Current Prices

Wii Sports Club is basically Wii Sports with online competition. Initially, the game could only be downloaded from the eShop and included a free 24 hour trial. Then you could buy passes to play particular sports for a day or unlimited amount of time. It was Nintendo's attempt at a freemium game.

The experiment probably didn't work very well and a retail version was released 8 months later for $40.

Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 Wii UNew Price: $75 | Used Price: $50 | See Current Prices

Bayonetta 2 was released for the Wii U and soon became a sought after collector's item as people realized it was a fun game but very hard to find. In late 2015, after Nintendo announced Bayonetta DLC for Smash Bros, prices spiked as high as $90 for a sealed copy.

Nintendo re-released the game but the reprint doesn't include the Bayonetta 1 disc that the original printing does and only sells for $20. Look for the "Bonus Bayonetta" on the cover to differentiate the two.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition

Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Wii UNew Price: $72 | Used Price: $50 | See Current Prices

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a follow-up to the rare Xenoblade RPG on the Wii. That version was neglected by Nintendo for years and then released and reprinted. Nintendo America didn't repeat the same mistake with Xenoblade X and wanted to capitalize on the collector market with a Special Edition.

Nintendo might have over corrected after Xenoblade's gross under-production because the Xenoblade X Special Edition has decreased in price 20% from it's launch price of $90.

Other Rare Wii U Games

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