Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More PC and Mac Games

As mentioned earlier, one reason for rewriting our pricing algorithm was to handle the extra volume of Mac and PC games. A couple days ago, we added about 850 Mac games and 7,400 PC games to our database. Most of them have prices now. As time passes, more games will have prices and the reported sales volumes will improve.

We know that we've missed some games. We'll continue adding the stragglers as we find them. If you have favorite PC or Mac games that aren't listed yet, please let us know.

Unfortunately, with 7,500+ PC games, we aren't able to fit them all on the PC Games console page. Instead, we added a PC Games search box on that page to help you find what you want. We have a couple ideas how to show a price list, but haven't implemented them yet.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tons of Rare Games on Ebay This Week

Lots of video game collectors decided to sell some of their rare games at the same time. Ebay has quite a few rare games listed for sale, many with low starting prices and no reserve (and others with crazy high starting bids).

Nintendo World Championships Gray - $25,000 starting bid
Atlantis II for Atari 2600 - $250 starting ($454 now)
Extertainment Bike Rally and Speed Racer - $320 starting bid
Brand New Cheetahmen II - $0.99 starting (now $975)
Zelda's Adventure CDi Game - $0.99 starting (now $146)
New Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition - $0.99 starting ($3,350 now)

Complete Panesian NES games all from the same seller:
Hot Slots - $1,200
Peek-A-Boo Poker - $1,100
Bubble Bath Babes - $1,100
and a 2nd Sealed Cheetahmen II from the same seller

X-Play Video About Rare NES Games

The X-Play video we mentioned in a previous blog post aired last night. It is actually a well done piece about Nintendo World Championships, Nintendo Campus Challenge, and Stadium Events NTSC and VideoGamePriceCharts got some nice face time too.

See the video below:

Thanks Anyonymous blog commenter for giving us the heads up about the video posted on the G4 site.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VGPC and Rare Games on X-Play

X-Play on G4TV is going to air a segment on Monday October 18th 2010 about the original Nintendo NES. As part of this episode they are going to talk about Nintendo World Championships Gray and Gold and Nintendo Campus Challenge.

They contacted us to get some high quality images for all three games and will put a "Courtesy of" on the screen when they show.

VGPC will have officially made its debut on cable. Even though it will be the lower right corner and probably show for about 2 seconds, we were glad we could help spread the love for some rare video games.

Unfortunately I don't have cable or G4TV, but if any of our readers can watch the show on Monday please let us know how the segment is. And be sure to shout "I use that site!" to anyone in the room when the pictures show up.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Live Listing Feature Adjustment

In March, we released a feature for comparing individual listings from Amazon, eBay, and Half in one location. It's a convenient way to find the best deal across those sites without having to visit each one separately.

After using the feature ourself and monitoring how you use it, we've made a couple minor adjustments. When comparing listings, they're grouped by condition. We originally showed Brand New at the top and Acceptable at the bottom. It turns out that the Acceptable category is 5 times more popular than the Brand New category. We've now reversed the category order so that fewer visitors have to scroll down to see the listings they want.

When we first released the feature, we showed 10 listings in each condition category. It turns out the bottom 5 listings in each category weren't useful. The real deals happen in the top 5. We now show only the 5 least expensive listings in each category, so that you're not distracted by over-priced items.

We have other ideas for making this feature more useful like including shipping prices and adjusting the condition category based on each item's description. If you have ideas for improvement, let us know in the comments.



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