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Nintendo 64DD Collector's Guide: Part 1

We all know the interesting and eclectic history of Nintendo's failed N64 peripheral, the 64DD. Nintendo announced the 64DD as a way of combating the high price of cartridge games as well as rivaling Sony's Playstation for raw memory space. The add-on lingered in development hell for several years after being revealed but instead of shelving the hardware, Nintendo released it. The Nintendo 64DD was a huge commercial failure. Only 15,000 pieces sold and the remaining 85,000 pieces that Nintendo had originally hoped would sell were scrapped. That is how bad of a failure this add-on was.

The 64DD went on sale December 1st, 1999 after originally debuting 4 years earlier at the Nintendo World event. The piece originally retailed at ¥30,000. It was available sparingly in stores in 2000. Knowing that it was doomed to fail, Nintendo made it largely available through a mail-in subscription. This service was called Randnet, formed and named after the two companies that started it, Nintendo and Recruit, a Japanese advertising corporation. Here's the commercial video for the add-on.

As a collector, most people gravitate towards this interesting little oddity due to the novelty of it and the fact that it is a true piece of Nintendo memorabilia but then they look at the price and turn away. The market on this piece is all over the place. I have seen them sell for $200 and I have seen them sell for $1,500. There is no stability in this market. Another big problem when trying to purchase on are the extras. The 64DD launched with a keyboard, a mouse, a special "Capture Cart", a modem cart, and 9 different games. Most auctions you find come with some of these extras, which in turn increases the cost. Since this is just Part 1, I will help you buy just the peripheral itself.

Like I mentioned earlier, there is the Retail version and the Randnet version. The only differences is the packaging and the Randnet version comes with the modem cart, modem disc, and phone cable. They both come with the red-topped expansion pack that would later be shipped with every copy of Donkey Kong 64.
This is the Retail version and sells normally for around $500-$700. It is worth more than the Randnet version despite containing less, this is due to an extremely limited release later in the 8-month lifespan of the add-on.

You can often find these on eBay for around $400 complete in box. This was the version sold through subscription and Nintendo tried to buy them back in 2000. Some didn't get returned and are now in the hands of collectors.

If you want to purchase just the 64DD by itself, good luck. It is hard to get them unless they are bundled with something but be willing to pay more than $300. I have some good news, they are compatible with NTSC-region N64's so you don't have to purchase a JAP-region one to use it.

Now go buy one and stay tuned for Part 2: The 9 Games of the 64DD!

Nintendo Power Check List & Collecting Guide

Nintendo Power Issue List
Nintendo Power was first published in 1988 and featured Super Mario Bros. 2 on the front cover. Before the magazine was closed in February 2013, 285 issues were published with tons of tips, reviews, strategy, and insider news for Nintendo games.

Collecting Nintendo Power magazines has become a popular niche among game collectors and some of them have become valuable too. Volume 1 sells for $150-200 when it is in very good condition. Below is a list of all the Nintendo Power issues with a handy checkbox to keep track of which you have. It also includes what game is featured on the cover and when it was published.

Click on any featured game to see the cover art and current value.

Nintendo Power Issue List

 VolumeFeatured GameDate Published
Volume 1Super Mario Bros. 21988 July/Aug
Volume 2Castlevania II1988 Sept/Oct
Volume 3Track & Field II1988 Nov/Dec
Volume 4Zelda II1989 Jan/Feb
Volume 5Ninja Gaiden1989 Mar/Apr
Volume 6Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1989 May/June
Volume 7Mega Man 21989 July/Aug
Volume 8Duck Tales1989 Sept/Oct
Volume 9Tetris1989 Nov/Dec
Volume 10Batman1990 Jan/Feb
Volume 11Super Mario Bros 31990 Mar/Apr
Volume 12Super C1990 May/June
Volume 13Super Mario Bros. 3 Strategy Guide1990 June
Volume 14Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers1990 July/Aug
Volume 15Ninja Gaiden II Strategy Guide1990 July
Volume 16Maniac Mansion1990 Sept/Oct
Volume 17Final Fantasy Strategy Guide1990 Oct
Volume 18Dr Mario1990 Nov
Volume 194 Player Extra Strategy Guide1990 Dec
Volume 20Mega Man III1991 Jan
Volume 21Star Tropics1991 Feb
Volume 22Metal Storm1991 Mar
Volume 23Power Blade1991 Apr
Volume 24Vice: Project Doom1991 May
Volume 25Battle Toads1991 June
Volume 26Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves1991 July
Volume 27Mega Man in Dr. Wily's Revenge1991 Aug
Volume 28Super Mario World1991 Sept
Volume 29Star Trek1991 Oct
Volume 30Final Fantasy II1991 Nov
Volume 31Metroid1991 Dec
Volume 32Super Castlevania IV1992 Jan
Volume 33TMNT III: The Manhattan Project1992 Feb
Volume 34Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past1992 Mar
Volume 35WWF Super Wrestlemania1992 Apr
Volume 36Darkwing Duck1992 May
Volume 37Lemmings1992 June
Volume 38Street Fighter II1992 July
Volume 39Mario Paint1992 Aug
Volume 40Felix the Cat1992 Sept
Volume 41Super Mario Kart1992 Oct
Volume 42Super Star Wars1992 Nov
Volume 43Road Runner's Death Valley Rally1992 Dec
Volume 44Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse1993 Jan
Volume 45Addam's Family Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt1993 Feb
Volume 46Tiny Toon Adv. Buster Busts Loose1993 Mar
Volume 47Star Fox1993 Apr
Volume 48Batman Returns1993 May
Volume 49BattleToads and Double Dragon1993 June
Volume 50Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening1993 July
Volume 51Street Fighter 2: Turbo1993 Aug
Volume 52Super Mario All-Stars1993 Sept
Volume 53Super Empire Strikes Back1993 Oct
Volume 54Secret of Mana1993 Nov
Volume 55Aladdin1993 Dec
Volume 56Mega Man X1994 Jan
Volume 57Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage1994 Feb
Volume 58Wario Land1994 Mar
Volume 59Ken Griffey Junior1994 Apr
Volume 60Super Metroid1994 May
Volume 61Donkey Kong1994 June
Volume 62Super Street Fighter 21994 July
Volume 63Stunt FX Racing1994 Aug
Volume 64Mortal Kombat 21994 Sept
Volume 65Illusion of Gaia1994 Oct
Volume 66Donkey Kong Country1994 Nov
Volume 67Earthworm Jim1994 Dec
Volume 68Adventures of Batman and Robin1995 Jan
Volume 69Mega Man X21995 Feb
Volume 70NBA Jam Tournament Edition1995 Mar
Volume 71Stargate1995 Apr
Volume 72Kirby Dream Land 21995 May
Volume 73Weaponlord1995 June
Volume 74Donkey Kong Land1995 July
Volume 75Virtual Boy1995 Aug
Volume 76Killer Instinct1995 Sept
Volume 77Super Mario World 21995 Oct
Volume 78Mortal Kombat 31995 Nov
Volume 79Donkey Kong Country 21995 Dec
Volume 80New Year Special Cover1996 Jan
Volume 81Killer Instinct 21996 Feb
Volume 82Super Mario RPG1996 Mar
Volume 83Earthworm Jim 21996 Apr
Volume 84Ken Griffey Jr Winning Run1996 May
Volume 85Super Mario 641996 June
Volume 86E3 19961996 July
Volume 87Tetris Attack1996 Aug
Volume 88Super Mario 641996 Sept
Volume 89Mortal Kombat Trilogy1996 Oct
Volume 90Donkey Kong Country 31996 Nov
Volume 91Killer Instinct Gold1996 Dec
Volume 92Shadows of the Empire1997 Jan
Volume 93Mario Kart 641997 Feb
Volume 94Turok1997 Mar
Volume 95Blast Corp1997 Apr
Volume 96Doom 641997 May
Volume 97Clay Fighter 63 1/31997 June
Volume 98Star Fox 641997 July
Volume 99Goldeneye1997 Aug
Volume 100100 Best Games Issue1997 Sept
Volume 101Extreme G1997 Oct
Volume 102NFL Quarterback Club1997 Nov
Volume 103Diddy Kong's Racing1997 Dec
Volume 104Yoshi's Story1998 Jan
Volume 105WCW vs NWO1998 Feb
Volume 1061080 Snowboarding1998 Mar
Volume 107NBA Courtside1998 Apr
Volume 108Ken Griffey Jr Baseball1998 May
Volume 109Banjo Tooie1998 June
Volume 110WWF War Zone1998 July
Volume 111Bomberman Hero1998 Aug
Volume 112F-Zero X1998 Sept
Volume 113Turok 21998 Oct
Volume 114Zelda: Ocarina of Time1998 Nov
Volume 115Star Wars Rogue Squadron1998 Dec
Volume 116Castlevania1999 Jan
Volume 117Mario Party1999 Feb
Volume 118Tonic Trouble1999 Mar
Volume 119Beetle Adventure Racing1999 Apr
Volume 120Star Wars Episode 1 Racer1999 May
Volume 121Pokemon Snap1999 Jun
Volume 122World Driver Championship1999 Jul
Volume 123Hybrid Heaven1999 Aug
Volume 124Jet Force Gemini1999 Sep
Volume 125Pokemon Yellow1999 Oct
Volume 126Donkey Kong 641999 Nov
Volume 127WWF Wrestlemania 20001999 Dec
Volume 128Mario Party 22000 Jan
Volume 129Disney's Tarzan2000 Feb
Volume 130Pokemon Stadium2000 Mar
Volume 131Tony Hawk's Pro Skater2000 Apr
Volume 132Excitebike 642000 May
Volume 133Army Men Air Combat2000 Jun
Volume 134Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards2000 Jul
Volume 135Mario Tennis2000 Aug
Volume 136Pokemon Gold and Silver2000 Sep
Volume 137Zelda: Majora's Mask2000 Oct
Volume 138Hey You, Pikachu!2000 Nov
Volume 139Banjo Tooie2000 Dec
Volume 140Spiderman2001 Jan
Volume 141Paper Mario2001 Feb
Volume 142Pokemon Stadium 22001 Mar
Volume 143Gameboy Advance Reveal2001 Apr
Volume 144Zelda Oracle of Seasons2001 May
Volume 145Mario Advance2001 Jun
Volume 146Tony Hawk 22001 Jul
Volume 147Pokemon Crystal2001 Aug
Volume 148Mario Kart Super Circuit2001 Sep
Volume 149Star Wars Rogue Leader2001 Oct
Volume 150Luigi's Mansion2001 Nov
Volume 151Super Smash Bros. Melee2001 Dec
Volume 152Pikmin2002 Jan
Volume 153NBA Courside 20022002 Feb
Volume 154Sonic Adventure 2: Battle2002 Mar
Volume 155Agent Under Fire2002 Apr
Volume 156Spider-Man2002 May
Volume 157Lost Kingdoms2002 Jun
Volume 158E3 20022002 Jul
Volume 159Magical Mirror starring Mickey Mouse2002 Aug
Volume 160Super Mario Sunshine2002 Sep
Volume 161Star Fox Adventures2002 Oct
Volume 162Metroid Prime2002 Nov
Volume 163Metroid Fusion2002 Dec
Volume 164Lord of the Rings: Two Towers2003 Jan
Volume 165Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker2003 Feb
Volume 166The Sims2003 Mar
Volume 167Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire2003 Apr
Volume 168Golden Sun: Lost Age2003 May
Volume 169Soul Caliber 22003 Jun
Volume 170F-Zero GX2003 Jul
Volume 171Final Fantasy Tactics Advance2003 Aug
Volume 172Viewtiful Joe2003 Sep
Volume 173Star Wars Rebel Strike2003 Oct
Volume 174Fire Emblem2003 Nov
Volume 175Mario Kart! Double Dash2004 Jan
Volume 176The Sims: Bustin Out2004 Feb
Volume 177Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicals2004 Mar
Volume 178Pokemon Colosseum2004 Apr
Volume 179Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes2004 May
Volume 180Tales of Symphonia2004 Jun
Volume 181Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure2004 Jul
Volume 182Resident Evil 42004 Aug
Volume 183Pikmin 22004 Sep
Volume 184Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green2004 Oct
Volume 185Paper Mario: 1000 Year Door2004 Nov
Volume 186Metroid Prime 2: Echoes2004 Dec
Volume 187Nintendo DS2005 Jan
Volume 188Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap2005 Feb
Volume 189Star Fox: Assault2005 Mar
Volume 190Killer 72005 Apr
Volume 191Nintendo DS w/ Metroid Prime Hunters2005 May
Volume 192Pokemon Emerald2005 Jun
Volume 193Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess2005 Jul
Volume 194Mario Kart DS2005 Aug
Volume 195Shadow the Hedgehog2005 Sep
Volume 196Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire2005 Oct
Volume 197Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness2005 Nov
Volume 198Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance2005 Dec
Volume 199Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection2005 Jan
Volume 200Resident Evil: Deadly Silence2006 Feb
Volume 201Chibi-Robo2006 Mar
Volume 202Metroid Prime Hunters2006 Apr
Volume 203New Super Mario Bros2006 May
Volume 204Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin2006 Jun
Volume 205Zelda: Phantom Hourglass2006 July
Volume 206E3 20062006 Aug
Volume 207Rayman Raving Rabbids2006 Sep
Volume 208Final Fantasy III2006 Oct
Volume 209Pokemon Mystery Dungeon2006 Nov
Volume 210Wii Launch2006 Dec
Volume 211Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess2007 Jan
Volume 212WarioWare: Smooth Moves2007 Feb
Volume 213Sonic and the Secret Rings2007 Mar
Volume 214My Sims2007 Apr
Volume 215Pokemon Diamond & Pearl2007 May
Volume 216Nights: Journey of Dreams2007 Jun
Volume 217Resident Evils: Umbrella Chronicles2007 Jul
Volume 218SoulCaliber Legends2007 Aug
Volume 219Metroid Prime 3: Corruption2007 Sep
Volume 220Super Mario Galaxy2007 Oct
Volume 221Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings2007 Nov
Volume 222Super Smash Bros. Brawl2007 Dec
Volume 223No More Heroes2007 Dec
Volume 224Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword2008 Jan
Volume 225Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood2008 Feb
Volume 226Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World2008 Mar
Volume 227Mario Kart Wii2008 Apr
Volume 228Final Fantasy IV2008 May
Volume 229Music Games2008 Jun
Volume 230Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia2008 Jul
Volume 231MadWorld2008 Aug
Volume 232Sonic & The Black Knight2008 Sep
Volume 233Wario Land: Shake It!2008 Oct
Volume 234Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars2008 Nov
Volume 235Animal Crossing: City Folk2008 Dec
Volume 236Holiday 20082008 Dec
Volume 237TMNT2009 Jan
Volume 238Phantasy Star Zero2009 Feb
Volume 239Indiana Jones & The Staff of Kings2009 Mar
Volume 240Pokemon Platinum2009 Apr
Volume 241Silent Hill: Shattered Memories2009 May
Volume 242Red Steel 22009 Jun
Volume 243Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days2009 Jul
Volume 244Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story2009 Aug
Volume 245Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers2009 Sep
Volume 246Avatar2009 Oct
Volume 247Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games2009 Nov
Volume 248New Super Mario Bros. Wii2009 Dec
Volume 249Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks2009 Dec
Volume 250250th Issue2010 Jan
Volume 251NBA Jam Wii2010 Feb
Volume 252Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver2010 Mar
Volume 253Scribblenauts 22010 Apr
Volume 254Super Mario Galaxy 22010 May
Volume 255Metroid: Other M2010 Jun
Volume 256Sonic Colors2010 Jul
Volume 257Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies2010 Aug
Volume 258Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword2010 Sep
Volume 259Epic Mickey2010 Oct
Volume 26025 Years of NES2010 Nov
Volume 261Donkey Kong Country Returns2010 Dec
Volume 262Kingdom Hearts Re:coded2010 Dec
Volume 263Mario Sports Mix2011 Jan
Volume 264Pokemon Black & White2011 Feb
Volume 265Nintendo 3DS Preview2011 Mar
Volume 266Pilotwings Resort2011 Apr
Volume 267Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D2011 May
Volume 268Sonic Generations2011 Jun
Volume 269Rayman Origins2011 Jul
Volume 270Star Fox 64 3D2011 Aug
Volume 271Kirby Mass Attack2011 Sep
Volume 272Super Mario 3D Land2011 Oct
Volume 273Mario Kart 72011 Nov
Volume 274Resident Evil: Revelations2011 Dec
Volume 275Kid Icarus: Uprising2012 Jan/Feb
Volume 276Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance2012 Mar
Volume 277Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two2012 Apr
Volume 278Pokemon Conquest2012 May
Volume 279Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate2012 Jun
Volume 280Wii U Preview2012 Jul
Volume 281Scribblenauts Unlimited2012 Aug
Volume 282Pokemon Black & White Version 22012 Sep
Volume 283Rayman Legends2012 Oct
Volume 284Wii U Launch2012 Nov
Volume 285Super Mario Bros U2012 Dec

History of Nintendo Power

Nintendo Power was the longest running video game magazine. It was published continuously for 24 years from 1988 to 2012. Nintendo of America published the magazine internally from Volume 1 to Volume 221. In 2007, Nintendo allowed Future US the publish the magazine starting with issue 222 in Decemeber 2007.

In August 2012 Nintendo announced they would not renew their Nintendo Power license with Future US and the publication would cease on December 2012. The last issue recreated the artwork on Volume 1 with the current look of Mario and Bowser. It even used claymation like the first issue.

Nintendo Power Special Issues

Most of the issues in the 285 printed had the same features and articles and news with one main game featured on the front cover. Several issues were special and focused on a particular game or event. These include the strategy guides for Super Mario 3, Ninja Gaiden II, Final Fantasy, 4-Player Games, The 100th Issue, 20th Anniversary Issue (Vol. 231), 250th Issue, and the NES 25th Anniversary issue.



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