Thursday, June 13, 2024

Support for CGC and SGC Graded Cards

We've added support for CGC and SGC graded cards!

We are including CGC and SGC sales in our database...
Calculating a price for CGC 10 and SGC 10 grades...
And allowing you to see historic sales too.

Click to View More Price Points

Click the blue "+" section on the right of the main prices. This will take jump you to the section on the site with values for grades 1-9.5 and PSA, BGS, CGC, and SGC 10.

CGC 10 Value

See CGC 10 prices compared to PSA and BGS 10 values.

Choose CGC 10 to See Historic Sales

Choose CGC 10 in the "More Sales" dropdown. This will show you CGC 10 historic sales.

See CGC Sales Data

Historic CGC 10 sales data is shown in it's own tab. CGC 1-9 sales data is grouped in with other 1-9.5 graded sales data.



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