Thursday, September 10, 2020

Collection Tracker Improvements

We've made some improvements to the collection tracking tools on PriceCharting to make it easier to use, more customizable, and added new capabilities too.

* Drop down to select what is 'Included': Instead of clicking multiple checkboxes for the game, box, or manual you now select what is included with a drop down menu. CIB condition used to take three clicks to select, now it takes two. New conditon used to take four clicks and now it takes two.

* Choose your default 'Included' when adding new items: You can now choose the default 'includes' to use when adding an item to your collection with one click. We used to default every new addition to 'Item only' but CIB collectors or New collectors would need to manually change every item. You can now set this default once and all new additions will use that instead.

You set this default with the 'Set Default' button on your collection page.

* 'Graded' Condition support: You can now select graded condition in the collection tracker. We've recorded graded prices for a while now, but you couldn't select that option in the collection tracker until now.

Unfortunately, a temporary side effect of this change is the collection value for a specific console is unavailable. This will last about a week while our servers recalculate those values for all accounts. Please be patient. That data is coming back soon and you will not lose any data in the meantime.



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