Friday, October 2, 2020 Sister Site for Sports Card Prices

We've launched a sister site to PriceCharting called for sports card collectors.

SportsCardsPro records current and historic prices for sports cards, offers a collection tracker, and sports card marketplace too. All tools are free, even the marketplace.

SportsCardsPro offers a lot value calculator for sports cards and a big movers tool so you can see which sports cards are showing big changes in price.

For now, only basketball cards are listed but we plan to expand into baseball, football, and other sports in the near future.

Other tools already available on PriceCharting, like the eBay Sniper, eBay Lot Bot, and Lot Bot Automater, will be coming in the future too.

If you have an account on PriceCharting, you have an account on SportsCardsPro too. You will need to login separately but the same login email and password work on both sites.

This doesn't change PriceCharting's focus on video games and actually helps devote more resources to pricing both games and sports cards. All future tools and features added to one site will be available on the other site too.

I'll still personally handle all customer service and database stuff on PriceCharting. Someone else with more expertise in sports cards will be taking care of those things for SportsCardsPro.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback on SportsCardsPro or PriceCharting.

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