Monday, May 5, 2014

One Piece: Romance Dawn Is Rare with only 16,800 Units Available

February 2014 Namco Bandai released One Piece: Romance Dawn on Nintendo 3DS eShop, but they also produced a limited edition retail version. It was sold exclusively through Gamestop or Namco's website.

Every copy of the game came with a sequence number out of 16,800.

With only 16,800 copies made, One Piece Romance of Dawn will be one of the rarest 3DS games printed. And more than likely Bandai will not produce more.

If they had called it "limited edition" but gave no quantity indication there would be a good chance for a reprint if prices increased a lot. With a known quantity printed, this is much harder for them to do without everyone knowing a reprint happened.

Romance Dawn sold for $40 at retail price, but is now selling for $60.

Romance Dawn might be the Nintendo 3DS equivalent of One Piece Unlimited Adventure for Wii. Unlimited Adventure sells for $115 brand new, more than double the $50 retail price. This makes it one of the most expensive Wii games.



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