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Disney Infinity Character/Figure List & Collecting Guide

Below is a complete list of the known Disney Infinity figures. As figures, colors, and rare variants are released they will be added to the list.

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List of Disney Infinity Figures

Toy Story

Pirates of the Caribbean
Davey Jones
Captain Barbossa
Jack Sparrow

Monster's Inc
Mike Wazowski

Lightning McQueen

Mr. Incredible
Mrs. Incredible

Other Characters
Sorcerer Mickey
Ralph (Fall 2013)
Venellope Von Schweetz (Fall 2013)
Phineas (Fall 2013)
Ferb (Fall 2013)
Agent P (Fall 2013)
Jack Skellington (Fall 2013)
Lone Ranger
Tonto (Fall 2013)
Rapunzel (Fall 2013)
Anna (Fall 2013)
Elsa (Fall 2013)

Infinite Crystal Series
Crystal Buzz Lightyear
Crystal Lightning McQueen
Crystal Mr. Incredible
Crystal Sully

List of Disney Infinity Power Discs

Alice in Wonderland Terrain
Alice in Wonderland Sky
Finding Nemo Terrain
Finding Nemo Sky
Tangled Lantern Terrain
Tangled Lantern Sky
Sugar Rush Terrain
Sugar Rush Sky

Mickey's Jalopy
Astro Blaster Vehicle
Cinderella's Coach
Stitch's Blaster
Cane with Tennis Balls
Kahn the Horse
Abu the Elephant
Mike's Car

CHROME Damage Control
Pirate Booty
Bolt Strength
Fix it Felix's Fix You

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About Disney Infinity Game & Figure Collecting

Disney Infinity releases on August 18th for Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U. It is a video game that brings action figures and games together through the "Infinity Base" a device that transfers the figurine into the virtual world. It is very similar to Skylanders.

Prior to launch there are 26 known figures for the game with many more guaranteed to be released in the months and years after launch.

Skylander's figures became popular collector's items soon after it launched. We will have to wait and see if Disney Infinity characters become rare and collectible too.

Disney Infinity Gameplay

The game premise for Disney Infinity is very similar to Activision's Skylanders series of games. You use physical figures to load characters into the virtual game. For instance, if you have a Sully figure you can play as Sully in the game.

Unlike Skylanders, Disney Infinity allows for the use of "Power Discs", which add vehicles, weapons, and themes to the game as well. You attach these Power Discs to the base of a figure before loading them into the game with the "Infinity Base".

Infinity has two main game play types - platforming and racing. There is also a "Toy Box" mode that allows you to combine characters, pieces, and levels and create your own world to explore and play in.

Disney Infinity Marketing

Disney Infinity copied much from the Skylanders game concept, Disney even mentions Skylanders multiple times on their website when discussing features of the game. Their marketing playbook looks very similar as well.

They have developed an extensive website with videos, screenshots, and details about the game. Disney has started airing commercials on children's TV channels too. They have yet to do major tie-ins with fast food or snack companies, but those are sure to follow.

Disney Infinity Collecting

Activision helped push the collectible nature of Skylander's characters by making chase variants - figures that are harder to get than others. They will often be a different color or made from a different material. This encouraged people to hunt for the figures and try to collect them all.

Disney has not announced any rare variants, but they are using another tactic used for Skylanders figures - waves of characters. Instead of releasing all possible characters at launch, the figures come out in waves. The first wave are the launch characters. Then a few weeks later will be another wave of figures. Followed by more a month or more after that, until all the figures compatible with the game have been released. This keeps interest in the game going because there is always something new coming out.

Disney has tried to keep the character information quite so people don't know which characters will be available and when. The launch characters are all known, but there are already rumors about Waves 2, 3, and beyond. The rumors include a Mickey Mouse figure and figures from the winter 2013 movie Frozen.

Disney Infinity is rumored to be using store exclusives just like Skylanders does. A particular figure might be available only through GameStop, while another can only be found at Wal-Mart.

All of these tools are used by Disney make the characters appear collectible. It remains to be seen if Infinity will be as popular as Skylanders or as collectible, but Disney is taking all the right steps to make it happen.

Infinity does have something Skylanders never did - a huge list of famous characters that everyone already recognizes and loves. Disney has an almost endless supply of characters they could add to the game including Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Pixar cartoons, and Disney cartoons.



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