Monday, July 8, 2013

Improved Results for Numeric Searches

We have improved our search engine to improve the results if you search with a number or roman numeral. Numbers and roman numerals are treated the same.

You don't have to worry about what we call the game, you get the result you want with fewer searches and refinements.

Before this improvement, searches needed to match the exact title we used for a product. For example, a search for "Final Fantasy 7" would not show results including Final Fantasy VII.

This is no longer the case, both "Final Fantasy 7" and "Final Fantasy VII" show the same result.

This was the second most requested feature from our users. Be sure to check out the current list of features and vote for ones you like or add your own.


Adam484 said...

This is a nice upgrade along with the add shipping feature. If I had to make a request it would be to extend the database for foreign releases and homebrew games. Some examples would be the fairly new Genesis homebrew called Oh Mummy. There's a group of mostly European scalpers selling them on E-Bay the last couple months. Another homebrew missing is The Legend of Wukong.

I understand it would be an exhausting task of listing every Japanese only release, but it would be great to have some of the European hard copy releases N America never got such as Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires, Warriors Orochi 3, We Dare, Arcana Heart 3, etc for PS3 and Breath of Fire 3, Tales of Eternity, etc for PSP.

Anonymous said...

Legend of Wukong is an unlicensed game put out by Super Fighter Team and Oh Mummy is technically a pirate cart. I can see why he didn't / wouldn't add Oh Mummy cause of its status. I'm sure he will add Wukong just like Beggar Prince in time.

Adam484 said...

I don't know what part of Oh Mummy is pirated ( the original game option?) , but I do know it's a good game and pretty well-made. It also fits in the catagory of rare and collectible which is the name of the game.

Anonymous said...

The reason it might be considered a pirate cart is cause they don't own the IP for that game. Amstrad owns its IP. Even though the game might be an updated port with new features its based on copywrited work. Google pirate cart and you'll get the just of what he's/she's saying.

Anonymous said...

This might help explain unlicensed vs pirate.

Adam484 said...

Thanks for the information. I didn't know the games background other than it was a remake done by a small Spanish team. I didn't know there was controversy involved although it doesn't seem to be stopping the collectors from nabbing them up.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - Great suggestion about adding international titles. At some point we would love to add Japanese and PAL games to the site with their own dedicated sections. There is a feature request for Japanese games and one for European games too. Please vote for whichever you want so we know how to prioritize.

In terms of Wukong, we have already added it and are tracking the prices. We have not seen an auction for the game in loose condition though. Just CIB.

I will look into Oh Mummy some more and decide if we should add it or wait until we add European releases down the road.

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