Thursday, April 27, 2023

See Trading Card Population Reports

Pokemon Population Reports

We are now displaying graded population reports for trading cards including Pokemon, YuGiOh, Magic, and Garbage Pail Kids cards. You can now see the population/rarity of the card in a particular condition AND compare that along size the price data.

On cards that support the POP reports, there is a "POP Report" tab right below the prices box. Click that to view the report and visualize the graded cards.

Try it out on a few popular Charizard cards like Charizard #4 or Charizard VMAX #20.

We have thousands of cards with population reports already and we are adding more. We only display population data for popular and valuable cards - the cards that are worth getting graded. The population reports are very boring for common cards worth $0.25.

The graded population data comes from PSA (a big thank you to them for providing the data). We are in talks with other grading companies to get their data too so you can compare POP across vendors.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

US Coin Prices on PriceCharting

Coin Prices
We've added US Coins to PriceCharting. You can value all your Wheat Pennies, Mercury Dimes, Washington Quarters, Morgan Silver Dollars -- and every other coin denomination.

Browse through all coin sets by the denomination and see example photos to you can quickly identify the coins you have.

browse by penny sets

You can keep track of your coin collection with our collection tracker too. In fact, coins are supported in all the PriceCharting tools.

We have coin sales data going back 10+ years and 10,000+ of sales being added every day.

You can view the recent sales for every coin in ungraded and various graded conditions. We use graded coins from NGC and PCGS for our graded valuations. Example: 1880 CC Morgan Silver Dollar

We display historic prices going back to November 2022 so you can see how the price of your coins change over time.

historic coin prices

Check your pockets, your piggy bank, and your loose change drawer to see if you have any valuable coins right now.

Friday, April 14, 2023

Organize Collections Into Folders

You can now organize your collections into folders.

Maybe you want to keep track of pokemon cards you've sent to PSA for grading - make a folder for that.
Or games you still want to play from your collection - make a folder for that.
Or comics you lent to your buddy Jim and don't want to forget he has them - make a folder for that.

How to Get Started With Folders

In your collection click "Create Folder" link on one of your items.
Create First Collection Folder

Type the name of your first folder.
Make New Folder Name

Move other items into these folders or create another folder.

You can filter your collection to view only items in a particular folder. Or filter to find items that are not in a folder yet.
Filter Collections by Folder

If you filter by folder, you can view summary details of your folder like the total value of items in that folder and the number of items in the folder too.
Collection Summary by Folder

You can even get fancy with the filters and combine them. Only show video games for Nintendo 64 in your "To Play" folder.

Two folders are included for free for every user on the site. If you want more than that, you can have unlimited folders with any paid account level.

Thank you to all the users who suggested a tool like this. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback about this new feature.

UPDATE: You can edit folder names

The ability to edit folder names is live on the site too.

You can access this link from My Account > Settings page too.



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