Wednesday, April 26, 2023

US Coin Prices on PriceCharting

Coin Prices
We've added US Coins to PriceCharting. You can value all your Wheat Pennies, Mercury Dimes, Washington Quarters, Morgan Silver Dollars -- and every other coin denomination.

Browse through all coin sets by the denomination and see example photos to you can quickly identify the coins you have.

browse by penny sets

You can keep track of your coin collection with our collection tracker too. In fact, coins are supported in all the PriceCharting tools.

We have coin sales data going back 10+ years and 10,000+ of sales being added every day.

You can view the recent sales for every coin in ungraded and various graded conditions. We use graded coins from NGC and PCGS for our graded valuations. Example: 1880 CC Morgan Silver Dollar

We display historic prices going back to November 2022 so you can see how the price of your coins change over time.

historic coin prices

Check your pockets, your piggy bank, and your loose change drawer to see if you have any valuable coins right now.


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