Thursday, September 1, 2016

PC and Mac Games Being Deprecated

UPDATE 4/15/2020
We've added back the most popular PC & MS-DOS games to PriceCharting.

We do not plan to include every PC game ever made (the list is too big), but we do want to track the prices on the most popular games and the most valuable ones too. Please add any missing games if they are popular or valuable. If they are shovelware, please don't add them.

ORIGINAL 9/1/2016
PC Games and Mac games make up 30% of the products on PriceCharting.

At the same time PC Games only account for 0.4% of page views on the site (MAC is only 0.01%)

The sheer number of titles causes lots of strain on our servers. Things like monitoring ebay sales, calculating new prices, and loading all the games for price comparison. The vast majority of PC games are never even viewed by users in any given month.

Because these pages are not popular with our users and increase costs and strain on our systems, we have decided to remove them from our site over the next few weeks.

This will help the site perform better for the other 99.6% of the pageviews. The vast majority of users will have a better experience.

I'm sorry to the few PC game collectors who use our site.



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