Friday, March 29, 2013

Duck Tales Remastered Increases Original's Price 45%

Six days ago Capcom announced Duck Tales Remastered was in development and would be released on Xbox Live, PSN, and Wii U eshop. Since the announcement, people have been clamoring to buy copies of the original NES classic. Duck Tales NES prices have increased more than 45% since the reveal.

The cartridge only resale price increased from $10 to $14.50 now.

The remastered version seems to have only increased prices on the original and not the sequel.
The sequel is not well known outside of game collectors and is already selling for $90 so this isn't very surprising. Duck Tales 2 is only being purchased by collectors at these prices.

Duck Tales Remastered Trailer

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Updated Rare Dreamcast Game Article

We've updated the rare Dreamcast game article with ten USA games and five Japanese games too, plus one piece of hardware for good measure.

Can you name the publisher that has 8 titles on the list?
What two genre's dominate the list with all but two of the top titles?

Read the article and see how you did on this impromptu game collecting quiz.

Rare BioShock Audio Diary: Only 4 Ever Made

An owner of one of the four BioShock Audio Diaries is selling it on eBay.

Ubisoft made four of these real Audio Diaries as part of a BioShock 2 viral marketing campaign. The devices are used in the game to advance the plot or expand the narrative and this real life version is an accurate reproduction with actual audio recorded on it.

This is a very rare piece of gaming memorablia. It will be interesting to see the final price. Right now it is $830 with four days remaining.

Here is what the audio diary looks like in the game:
The marketing campaign started with a website showing some puzzles. People who solved the puzzles and mailed letters to the address contained in them would receive packages with masks or pages ripped from a book. Sometimes people would be told to meet an actor nearby who would give more clues and pieces. It was a very involved marketing campaign.

The owner of this BioShock Audio Diary solved a puzzle and sent it to Ubisoft. A month later he received a page torn from a book and then an actor dressed as a boyscout from BioShock presented him with a telegraph telling him to meet at a storage location with the code below deciphered.
At the storage location the owner and three other people received the Audio Diaries. Each one has this recorded on it:

My pawns, you have played masterfully. We have confounded(?) the Red Pawn in our tangled moves. Lynch is lost... but I at last am found. My hope restored. Now my pawns, if you are game, the game is on. The treasure that I stole from the kingdom shall be restored. Fallen Rapture may yet rise, and are we not worthy enough to raise it? If you dare to join me in Rapture, then I challenge you to meet me at the designated square. In the Golden State, in the city by the bay, when the month is 2, when the day is 6, when the hour is 5:45. At that precise moment in the evening, you will find me on Mary Street, between Minna Street and Natoma. Share this recording with the other pawns by any means you find.. and know that time is of the essence. Noble pawns, this is Orrin Oscar Lutwidge, one overjoyed leader, bound once again... for Rapture.

You can read more about the puzzle and the process from another winner at Nukezilla.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

We Revised the Rare Gameboy Advance Article

We've revised the rare & expensive Gameboy Advance game article with updated prices, descriptions of each game, and the reason it is so valuable.

Pop quiz for the day. Try to name at least three games on the list before looking then check it out to see how you did.

Rare Gameboy Advance (GBA) Games

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Most Expensive Cartridge Game Ever Sells for $23,100

Nintendo PowerFest 94 for Super Nintendo is the most expensive cartridge video game ever sold with a sales price of $23,100.

The game sold on eBay for $23,100, which surpasses the previous cartridge only record of $20,100 paid for Nintendo Campus Challenge in 2010.

Other complete in box and brand new games have sold for more, including Stadium Events and Air Raid, but this price far surpasses those game's cartridge only prices.

See a list of the most expensive video games of all time.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nintendo PowerFest 94 For Sale at Auction

We are selling our PowerFest 94 cartridge. The auction has started on eBay with a $0.01 opening bid and no reserve. I really hope more than one person bids :)

The opening bid is so low because we like to see the market determine the price for a rare game like this. Nintendo PowerFest 94 has never been sold in public auction, only through private transactions. This auction will finally answer the question "what is it really worth?"

We decided to sell because we had started receiving some offers to purchase the cartridge and we have already achieved our goals with owning the cartridge. As stated above, we prefer to sell via public auction instead of private transaction. We have notified the interested parties that the auction has started and hope they will bid along with other people who have not contacted us.

Even if you don't have a bunch of money to spend on a rare Super Nintendo game, place an opening bid so you can tell people "I almost won PowerFest 94., if only those other 50 people hadn't placed a bid!"

Monday, March 4, 2013

Rare E3 2011 Skylanders - Spyro, Gill Grunt, Trigger Happy

E3 2011 Trigger Happy Skylander
In 2011, Activision tried to get journalists excited for their newest game by sending them an action figure for the game with a sticker on it saying 'Bring Me to Life at E3'. The game was Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and these three Skylanders figures are now the rarest available.

Activision hired a PR company prior to E3 2011 to build excitement for Skylanders. The PR company mailed 1 of 3 figures to various gaming sites and news publications. The figures were either Spyro, Gill Grunt, or Trigger Happy. Each one had a sticker on the front that looked like this:

According to one of the journalists who received a figure and sold it on eBay, Activision probably made about 600 of these figures for distribution before and during E3.

If the number of copies is split evenly among the three versions there are only 200 of each figure.

Only the figures still in the original box are rare because the figures are identical to the standard Series 1 figures. Once the package is open they become indistinguishable from figures that sell for $4-5 each.

The purpose of the promotion was to open the figures and use them on the game at Activision's E3 booth. Because of this many of these were opened.

Nobody knows the exact number of sealed copies available for these rare figures, but it is probably close to 100-150.

Only two of these have come up for auction that I am aware of, both Trigger Happy. One closed at $62 last March and another sold for $503 with a Chrome Spyro from E3 2012.

Hopefully more of these E3 2011 Skylanders come-up for sale soon so we can know the actual value. My guess is they will be the most expensive Skylanders figures ever sold when they do sell again.

Thanks to DluA on DarkSpyro forums for much of this information on the 2011 E3 variants.

E3 2011 Model Number Image

PowerFest 94 Reproduction Update

It looks like the PowerFest 94 cartridge has been reproduced. After posting the bounty of $1,000 for a reproduction, RetroUSB has posted a video on youtube of the game being played on a Super Nintendo.

I have contacted them to ask for a copy of the reproduction so I can verify the four criteria required for the bounty. I will post another update when this has been verified and the bounty has been paid.

Hopefully these will available for sale to the general public in the near future.



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