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25 Rarest & Most Expensive Horror DVD's

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Horror is one of the most popular genre's with DVD collectors. Some of them are rare out-of-prints (OOP) that have now become quite expensive. Below is a list of the rarest and most expensive Horror DVD's. The list is ranked by highest average resale price.

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I Was A Teenage Zombie

I Was a Teenage Zombie
 DVD PricesResale Price: $117
Sub-Genre: Comedy, Horror Spoof
Summary: Six kids accidentally kill a weed dealer and throw his body into toxic water to dispose of the body. The dealer comes back as a Zombie and seeks revenge on the teenagers. It is a cheezy, comedy/horror and tries to spoof zombie flicks and high school coming of age movies at the same time.

If you enjoy horror with horrible acting, awful special effects, and a bad script you should add I Was a Teenage Zombie to your collection. The DVD is out of print now and hard to find. You might have better luck finding it on VHS if you really want to watch it.

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Demons 1 and 2 Limited Edition

Demons 1 and 2 Limited Edition DVD PricesResale Price: $112
Sub-Genre: Paranormal, Foreign
Summary: Demons 1 and 2 Limited Edition includes both Demons and Demons II in a collectors package. Both Demons movies take place in a confined area (movie theater and apartment building) that becomes invested with demons who methodically kill everyone.

Only 3,000 of these were made which makes the Limited Edition much more expensive than buying the originals separately, but at least you get a mask.

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The Ultimate 3D Horror Collection

The Ultimate 3D Horror Collection DVD PricesResale Price: $100
Sub-Genre: 3D, Gore
Summary: A collection of three 3D horror movies, Camp Blood, Hunting Season, and Zombie Chronicles. All three are low budget horror flicks with some gore, bad plots, and inept acting. The 3D effects do add to the intensity of some scenes when compared to the 2D versions, which are also included.

The package also includes a 3D video viewing system (2 glasses, special synchronization box, and AV and AC Cables), which adds to the price of this package.

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Bleeders DVD PricesResale Price: $99
Sub-Genre: Gore, Low-Budget
Summary: A man with a rare blood disease visits an island to discover more about his past. The island is inhabited by mutants deformed by years of inbreeding who need to eat human flesh in order to survive.

The script and acting are Made-For-TV caliber but the movie is very hard to find anywhere so it sells for a big premium to its initial retail price of $14.95.

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The Ilsa Trilogy

The Ilsa Trilogy DVD PricesResale Price: $95
Sub-Genre: Exploitation
Summary: Ilsa is in charge of running "sexual" experiments on prisoners in all three movies included in the trilogy. In one Ilsa runs a concentration camp for Nazis, then a slave camp for a Sheik, and lastly a prison infirmary in South America. In all three films there is lots of gore, torture, and tons of nudity.

The Ilsa series was one of the first in the genre of exploitation horror movies. The Anchor Bay published trilogy includes commentaries, biographies, and trailers on each disc as special features not included on the single movie releases.

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The Horror Express/Killer Inside Me

The Horror Express/Killer Inside Me DVD PricesResale Price: $89
Sub-Genre: Low-Budget
Summary: Horror Express takes place on a train where an anthropologist is bringing humanoid remains back to Europe. People start dying on the train as the human/beast escapes and spreads havoc. In Killer Inside Me a small town sheriff's deputy descends into evil as he starts killing people in town and loses his grip on reality.

Both Horror Express and Killer Inside me were released in the 1970's as low budget horror films. The two movie combo was released in 1998 and is very difficult to find.

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Quatermass & The Pit/Quatermass 2

Quatermass & The Pit/Quatermass 2 DVD PricesResale Price: $82
Sub-Genre: Sci-Fi, Classic
Summary: Two horror/sci-fi movies revolving around the character Professor Bernard Quatermass and aliens. Quartermass 2 has the professor investigating an industrial complex for an alien invasion. In Quartermass & the Pit an alien spacecraft is found near the London Underground and it starts controlling people's thoughts and actions.

Like most horror movies of the 50's and 60's there isn't much gore or violence compared to modern day horror, but the movies are great for classic horror fans.

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Begotten DVD PricesResale Price: $75
Sub-Genre: Experimental
Summary: Experimental definitely describes this horror movie. There is no dialogue or background music but only grunts, crickets, or other random sounds. The movie is entirely black and white and is described in the trailer as "a Rorschach test for the eye".

The plot involves "God", "Mother Earth", "Son of Earth", some nomads and the life and death of the various characters. Some scenes show the rape of "Mother Earth", dismemberment of "Son of Earth", and the disemboweling of "God". The movie is unlike any other horror film.

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Split Second

Split Second DVD PricesResale Price: $75
Sub-Genre: Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: Similar to an Alien or Predator type movie, Split Second takes place in futuristic London (2008) after the polar ice-caps have partially melted and water covers much of the city. A big beast of some kind roams the sewers and waterways killing people while the cops try to find and stop him.

The movie stars Rutger Hauer from BladeRunner fame and was produced by HBO. The DVD was released in 2002 for $20 but easily sells for more than $70 now.

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Asian Action Deadly Dolls

Asian Action Deadly Dolls DVD PricesResale Price: $74
Sub-Genre: Foreign, Exploitation, Action
Summary: A release with two female focused horror movies from Indonesia. Lady Terminator has a young women possessed by a sea goddess who uses an AK47, laser eyes, and an eel up her you-know-what to kill victims. Its an action packed cult classic.

Dangerous Seductress is from the same director. A big-breasted woman accidently raises the spirit of a witch, who then sends the woman on a blood soaked rampage. She uses her body - and lots of bullets - to kill her victims.

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Witchcraft 666

Witchcraft 666 DVD PricesResale Price: $62
Sub-Genre: Exploitation
Summary: The movie was released by Troma Entertainment, a production company known for making B-movies with lots of sex and nudity. Witchcraft 666 is quintessential "Troma" with low-budget acting and lots and lots of skin.

The plot revolves around a Satanic serial-killer who only kills females with gold crosses and big breasts. Occult expert Will Spanner is the only person who can stop the killer and solve the deeper demonic undertones to the case.

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Little Witches

Little Witches DVD PricesResale Price: $60
Sub-Genre: Occult
Summary: Six catholic school girls summon the devil during their school's Easter break. They are turned into witches and they soon wreck havoc through-out the school. Little Witches is unintentionally bad with scenes left out that are referenced in dialogue left in, random events that don't make any sense because of more editing decisions, and bad acting to top it all off.

The movie was released straight to video in 1996 and briefly published as a DVD two years later. The DVD release is very hard to find now and sells for $60+ in used condition.

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Class of Nuke'Em High Box Set

Class of Nuke'Em DVD PricesResale Price: $60
Sub-Genre: Teen, Gore
Summary: Class of Nuke'Em High is a series of teen horror flicks with the usual amounts of sex, blood, and violence. Tromaville is near a nuclear waste site which causes mutations and other problems for students. Blood and gore ensues.

The box set includes all three movies and special features like a bumper sticker, deleted scenes, and is the only way to get the 3rd movie on DVD. The Box Set has been discontinued.

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The Coffin Joe Trilogy

The Coffin Joe Trilogy DVD PricesResale Price: $56
Sub-Genre: Foreign
Summary: All three Joe Coffin movies center around a man in a top hat, black cape, and long fingernails who is in search of his perfect bride. To fulfill his quest he doesn't mind shedding a little blood or gouging out a few eyes.

The Joe Coffin movies were the first horror films out of Brazil and Joe Coffin has gone on to be their national boogeyman. The Coffin Trilogy was released in a special edition coffin case.

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Drive-In Cult Classics 4

Drive-In Cult Classics 4 DVD PricesResale Price: $52
Sub-Genre: Low-Budget
Summary: A collection of eight low-budget B-movie horror films. Includes: Young Graduates, Don't Answer the Phone, Brain Twisters, Death Machines, Wild Riders, The Van, Chain Gang Women, The Specialist.

All the movies were released during the hey-day of the drive-in movies and are not classic horror films by any stretch of the imagination. They were usually double features with higher quality movies. If you enjoy low-budget horror films with the usual blood, nudity, and gore you will have a good time though.

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I Saw What You Did and I Know Who You Are!

I Saw What You Did and I Know Who You Are! DVD PricesResale Price: $52
Sub-Genre: Thriller
Summary: Two girls make prank phone calls to random telephone numbers saying "I saw what you did and I know who you are." One of the people they call recently killed his wife and now thinks someone saw it. He tries to silence the girls before they tell anyone.

The movie stars John Ireland and Joan Crawford. Unlike many other movies on this list, I Saw What You Did... was well reviewed by critics and viewers alike.

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I've Been Waiting for You

I've Been Waiting for You DVD PricesResale Price: $51
Sub-Genre: Occult
Summary: Kids start dying in a small New England town and people start blaming the new girl who happens to live in a cursed house and practice witchcraft. The new girl tries to clear her name before more people are killed and she is burnt at the stake.

I've Been Waiting for You is from the author of I Know What You Did Last Summer and was originally made for TV.

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Full Moon Classics, Vol. 2

Full Moon Classics, Vol. 2 DVD PricesResale Price: $51
Sub-Genre: Various
Summary: Full Moon Classics isn't as hard to find as other titles on this list, but it was more expensive when initially released ($60 MSRP). The collection includes five low-budget horror movies, Robot Wars<, Mandroid, Lurking Fear, Invisible, and Dark Angel. All five movies are very different with some Sci-Fi elements, action elements, and two have a decent amount of gore too. Full Moon Vol. 1 has similar movies but a lower resale price.

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Last House on Dead End Street

Last House on Dead End Street DVD PricesResale Price: $50
Sub-Genre: Snuff
Summary: A dejected film-maker and ex-prisoner decides to make snuff films because pornography no longer pays the bills. He lures victims to an abandoned house and kills them in grotesque fashion.

The movie was made in 1973 and never released until 1977. The director claims he never knew the movie was released until '79 when someone stopped him on the street saying you're "the guy from that movie that was throwing animal guts around."

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Clownhouse DVD PricesResale Price: $50
Sub-Genre: Slasher
Summary: Three brothers visit a circus to scare their younger brother who is afraid of clowns. At the circus three escaped mental patients kill three clowns and steal their identities. The clowns go back to the boys' house and try to wreck a night of havoc and terror. The youngest brother must confront his fear of clowns or die.

The basic plot is very similar to other 80's slasher films like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. Clownhouse is now a collector's item and sells for 4x as much as the more popular movies.

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Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls DVD PricesResale Price: $49
Sub-Genre: Exploitation, Experimental
Summary: A girl with an abusive past makes a pact with Satan and descends into prostitution, bulimia, and pain. But this plot is followed very loosely. Slaughtered Vomit Dolls is mostly a collection of scenes with grotesque violence, vomiting, sex, abuse, more vomiting, and death.

The director claims he was trying to create a new genre of horror called "vomit gore", which seems to be gory horror with a lot of vomiting.

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Harakiri: Boobs & Blood Box Set

Harakiri: 3-Disc Set DVD PricesResale Price: $46
Sub-Genre: Foreign
Summary: Harakiri is a collection of six short films where different women commit Harakiri, the act of ritual suicide. The women are different in each film - nurse, school girl, Kabuki actress, etc - but each short shows the woman taking off her clothes and then killing herself through disembowelment.

The 3 Disc set is very hard to find. The publisher Unearthed Films only made 1,000 copies. Many sites have it listed for sale, but it is back-ordered on every one and probably not coming back in-stock.

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Universal Studios Classic Monster Collection

Universal Studios Classic Monster Collection DVD PricesResale Price: $45
Sub-Genre: Classic
Summary: A collection of eight classic horror films from Universal Studios. Includes Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Phantom of the Opera, and Creature from the Black Lagoon.

The Universal Collection is easy to find online but a little harder to find in retail stores. It keeps its value well in the resale market though earning it a spot on the list.

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Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key

You Vice is a Locked Room PricesResale Price: $45
Sub-Genre: Foreign, Giallo
Summary: Your Vice is a Locked Room... is an Italian murder mystery/horror. A woman gets involved in a web of murders involving her husband, husband's mistress, niece, niece's boyfriend, and a maid. And watching it all is 'Satan' the black cat.

The movie is a mystery with lots of twists and turns but some horror elements in the death scenes.

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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home DVD PricesResale Price: $44
Sub-Genre: Slasher
Summary: Instead of the usual Thanksgiving meal with friends and family Home Sweet Home has a PSP shooting, homicidal maniac at the big meal. On Thanksgiving day the killer finds the home of a a recording bigshot and decides to kill everyone.

The movie stars Jake Seinfeld the body builder known for his "Body by Jake" fitness program. With all the "carving" references around turkey time, it's a surprise a Thanksgiving day slasher didn't happen sooner.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Is Awesome

I'm surrounded by tons of enemies, I can hear a chainsaw wielding man somewhere behind me, and I need to get a time bonus in 10 seconds or the level is over. My heart is pounding as I pull out a shotgun, blast a hole through the zombies, and grab the 90 second time bonus with seconds to spare. Resident Evil Mercenaries is one of the best games I have played in a long time. It is like a little adrenaline rush every time I play.

I've been playing tons of Mercenaries on the 3DS over the past two weeks and I love it. The first few tutorial levels are a bit tedious but once you get to the levels in section 4 it is nothing but thrills.

Resident Evil Mercenaries: The Basics

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3DS Screenshot
You choose one of the characters from previous Resident Evil games and try to get as many points as possible in a level by killing enemies. Each character has their own weapons like shotguns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, pistols, knives, grenades, proximity mines, etc. Each level starts with two minutes and the level ends when you die or time runs out, but you can extend time by killing enemies in certain ways or getting time bonuses spread throughout the level. To advance to the next level you need a certain number of points per level.

The levels are taken from previous Resident Evil games but they are perfect. And the game is balanced very well with a low enough supply of ammo where you can't be reckless and enough enemies where you feel like you should be.

Resident Evil 3DS Multiplayer

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3DS Screen
The best part of the Mercenaries 3DS is the online multi-player. All the excitement of single player but you need to work together to get combos, heal each other, and partner-up to kill the really big enemies. For example, you'll shoot out an axe wielding monster's legs with a sniper rifle while your partner uses their machine gun to shoot the weak spot in the back.

And there are always people ready to play. I've played at 9am on a Saturday and 11pm on a Thursday and almost every time in between. I've found a partner within 10 seconds every time.

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3DS

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NES Price Index: Which NES Publishers Are Hot, Which Are Not?

Thanks to JoneBone for doing all the analysis and writing this article.

Many collectors are already aware that game values can fluctuate greatly over time. Sometimes a title may get 'hot' with a re-release of a classic (like Zelda Ocarina of Time), or a title can cool off when the supply exceeds the hype (like Final Fantasy VII). Do game publishers undergo these same fluctuations too? Yes they do.

The chart below shows the average price of all the Nintendo NES games released by a publisher. The price has been indexed to start at 1 on Fall 2008 so you can see relative price changes.
Right away you should notice that Capcom and Hudson Soft prices are up substantially from their Fall 2008 levels. Each has classic franchises in Mega Man and Bomberman, and each has at least one rare in Snow Brothers and Bonk’s Adventure.

Taito is also pretty hot now after experiencing a cool period in early to mid 2009. Its recent run has been driven by hot rares such as Bubble Bobble 2, Flintstones 2, Little Samson and Power Blade 2.

Then there’s the middle of the pack publishers like Bandai, Konami and Tecmo which have all bounced around slightly over the years. Many popular titles between the three, but only Tecmo has Fire N’ Ice as a rare.

Finally you notice that SNK has actually decreased substantially over time. Though Baseball Stars and Ikari Warriors can be quite popular games, collectors simply haven’t been willing to pay a premium for them.

Other publishers were considered for this analysis, but these are some of the most popular. One has to wonder if this data is merely coincidental, or are there really collectors out there who enjoy completing a publisher sub set?

Personally I believe it to be the latter, as a collection of purple border Capcom games or early bubble lettered Bandai titles (Chubby Cherub, Ninja Kid, etc.) looks better than you think. Publisher specific sub collections also are quite attainable goals, even for those collectors with tight budgets to maintain.

UPDATE with more Publishers:
The chart below shows more publishers including Nintendo, EA, and Atlus. Atlus games have increased in value while Nintendo games have stayed the same.

Monday, July 18, 2011

We Now Track N-Gage Prices Too

N-gage Prices
Over the weekend we added N-Gage prices to our site.

The N-Gage is everyone's favorite cellphone that could play games before every cell phone could play games. Nokia was just a little bit ahead of curve plus they didn't execute very well either ($299 price and removing the battery compartment in order to change games). Plus, nobody wanted to own a cell phone that looked like a taco?

The N-Gage died a quick death but that only makes the games more rare. If you own an N-Gage let us know in the comments below?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Criterion is the Atlus of Movies

Criterion Is Atlus of Movies
Most video game collectors and game enthusiasts know the video game publisher Atlus. They are well known for their Japanese RPG's, localizations of niche titles, and pre-order/collector's edition bonuses on most games.

Atlus has small print runs for their games, mostly sells via pre-order, and focuses on niche content exclusively. They don't try to make the next Call of Duty multi-million seller but they have a devoted following and games that collectors know will be worth something in the future.

Criterion is the Atlus of movies. They release niche foreign content like Au Revoir Le Enfants, horror films like Flesh for Frankenstein, and collector's editions for many of their most popular titles. Criterion also re-releases classic movies never before seen on DVD like Modern Times and Stagecoach.

And like Atlus, Criterion movies keep their value over the long run because they quickly drop them out-of-print after their initial release and their content has lasting value.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Reporting Incorrect Prices

At Price Charting, accurate prices are very important to us. We've spent a lot of effort developing pricing algorithms that work well in thin markets like those for video games and movies. Last summer, we added a feature to let visitors report bad eBay auctions to us. We appreciate all the reports you've sent. We try to remove those auctions from our database within 24 hours.

Today we've released a feature that lets you notify us about an error in our calculated prices. When viewing a game or movie page, you'll see a small menu icon next to the used price and the new price:

Clicking the menu icon displays a menu with two options: Report this price as incorrect and How is this price calculated?

The second option opens our Methodology page explaining how we calculate prices. The first option notifies us that you think this price is wrong. After you've reported the price to us, we show the price crossed out so you know that we got the report.

We'll take a look at these possible price errors, evaluate the raw data in our database and make corrections if necessary. At the moment, there's no way for you to provide a detailed description of why you think the price is wrong. If that's a feature you'd like to see, let us know in the comments below.

Friday, July 8, 2011

How to Filter Price Guide by Console

Many price guide subscribers are only interested in seeing prices for certain consoles. Maybe they only sell newer consoles like Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. This guide below shows you how to display only the consoles you want using Excel.

Download the Price Guide

Download the price guide and save it to your computer. (If you're not a subscriber you can start a free account)

Select Data to Filter

Click on cell "A1". Then go to the "Data" menu and choose Filter > AutoFilter.
Excel Auto Filter

This will select all the data and insert drop-down menus at the top of every column.
Excel Auto Filter Enabled

Choose The Console You Want To See

Click on the drop-down menu in the "Console Name" column. This will bring up a list of all the consoles in the price guide. Choose the console you want to see and Excel will only show items matching that console.

This article is a part of a series of posts with how to articles for our price guide subscribers.

How To Force Excel to Show Leading Zero in UPC

When Microsoft Excel opens a .csv file it assumes it knows what type of data is in every column. If there are numbers it must be a number. If there is some text, it must be a text column. If Excel decides a column is a number it will drop all the zero's at the beginning assuming they don't matter. This makes UPC data incorrect.

Excel No Leading Zero
There is an easy way to force Excel to keep the leading zero on UPC data though:

1. Download The Price Guide

Download the price guide and save it to your computer. (If you're not a subscriber you can start a free account)

2. Change the Guide to a Text File

Go to the folder where you saved the price guide. Right click the file and choose Open With > Notepad.

Open File in Notepad

In Notepad, go to File > Save As. Save the file a .TXT file type.

Save As

Open The .TXT File in Excel

Open Excel and open the file "today.txt" that you just created. This will open a series of three questions.

Question 1: Select "Delimited" and then click "Next"
Excel Text Import Wizard

Question 2: Select "Comma" and click "Next"
Excel Text Import Wizard 2

Question 3: Find the UPC column and change it to "Text" instead of "General". Click "Finish"
Excel Text Import Wizard3

Spreadsheet Showing Leading Zero in UPC

Excel will now show the price guide with the leading zero still intact so all UPC data will be the complete 12 characters.
Excel Showing Leading Zero

This article is a part of a series of posts with how to articles for our price guide subscribers.

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DVD & Blu-Ray Movie Prices Now on PriceCharting

large movie collection
big dvd collection
dvd collection under bed
Do you have a DVD or Blu-Ray movie collection that matches your gaming collection? Do you line entire walls with movies? Or maybe you sleep on a bed lined with movies like the person above? If you do, or even if you only own a few movies, you can now price your DVD's and Blu-Ray's on

We have more than 101,000 DVD's and 4,000 Blu-ray's! If you see anything missing while you compare prices be sure to let us know ( so we can add even more.

We've only been gathering movies prices for the last three months so rare and out-of-print (OOP) movies might not be showing accurate prices yet. As we see more sales and price points over the coming months the movie prices will be as accurate as video game prices.



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