Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DVD & Blu-Ray Movie Prices Now on PriceCharting

large movie collection
big dvd collection
dvd collection under bed
Do you have a DVD or Blu-Ray movie collection that matches your gaming collection? Do you line entire walls with movies? Or maybe you sleep on a bed lined with movies like the person above? If you do, or even if you only own a few movies, you can now price your DVD's and Blu-Ray's on PriceCharting.com.

We have more than 101,000 DVD's and 4,000 Blu-ray's! If you see anything missing while you compare prices be sure to let us know (suggestion@vgpc.com) so we can add even more.

We've only been gathering movies prices for the last three months so rare and out-of-print (OOP) movies might not be showing accurate prices yet. As we see more sales and price points over the coming months the movie prices will be as accurate as video game prices.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I've been waiting for this for a while.

Anonymous said...

I have well over 2,000 movies and 300 games . Can't wait to see it !

hopper29 said...

We buy and sell video games and movies. We need pricing and trade values for movies. Can't wait

hulio said...

where is it now???

Anonymous said...

Yup! What happened?

Unknown said...

any word on an update on this project? Does anyone know where we can go to get prices by searching a videos UPC code other then the likes of ebay and amazon?

Anonymous said...

Would like to see this implemented!

Anonymous said...

Did they give up on the idea??

JJ said...

@anonymous - We killed that off after 18 months of work on it with no traction with users.

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