Wednesday, April 7, 2021

We've Added Strategy Guide Prices

We now have strategy guide prices on PriceCharting.

The initial list includes all Official Nintendo Player's Guides and some of the more valuable Brady and Prima guides too.

Feel free to add any missing guides to the site and we'll start track sales and prices. Be sure to include the publisher in the name of the guide. For example "Super Mario 64 [Brady]" and "Super Mario 64 [Prima]".

Thank you to all the users who requested this feature over the years.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

PriceCharting Has Added Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Cards

We've added Pokemon cards to PriceCharting.

You can browse card lists for every Pokemon card set including standard, reverse holo, and holo cards.

You can search for pokemon cards with the card name and/or number and quickly find your card out of the 10,000+ Pokemon cards we have in the database.

We're keeping track of the ungraded and graded values for each card and boy, howdy can it make a difference in value. Charizard 1st Edition for the base set is worth almost $300,000 when it is PSA 10 and worth $6,500 when ungraded.

The Pokemon Base Set definitely has the most expensive cards.

Do you own some Pokemon cards but your not a pro in Pokemon card identification? Read our "how to determine what Pokemon card you have" guide and get started.

How to Tell What Pokemon Card You Have: Set, Number, Edition, & Foil

You have some Pokemon cards sitting around and you've heard they can be pretty valuable, but you don't know if your cards are rare or common or even how to tell what card you have. What is "reverse holo"? What is "first edition"? And what the heck is "shadowless"?

This guide will help you determine which Pokemon cards you have so you can look them up and know the value.

How to determine Pokemon card numbers?
Fast way to determine Pokemon card?
How to determine Pokemon card sets?
How to determine Pokemon card editions?
How to determine Pokemon card versions? (Base, Holo, Reverse Holo)

How to determine Pokemon card numbers?

The card number is written on all Pokemon cards. It isn't obvious though. Look in the bottom right or bottom left corner of the card. You will see two numbers.
Pokemon Card Number Example

The first number is the card number for this specific pokemon card. "36" in the example above.

The second number is the number of cards in that set. "114" in the above card.

So this card is number 36 out of 114.

Sometimes cards will have numbers higher than the maximum. These are called "Secret Rare" cards and they are some of the most valuable Pokemon cards.

Fast way to determine Pokemon card?

The number and name are usually unique. So with the card number method above and the name of the card, you can usually search for the card and find the exact one you have without worry about sets.

For example, Bergmite #36. Search for that card on PriceCharting and you'll find the card is for Steam Siege set.

Bergmite Search Example

You only need to determine the version - standard or reverse holo - to know the exact card you have.

You can use the search box below to find your cards with this method.

For cards that don't have unique name and number combinations you will need to look up the set using the steps below.

How to determine Pokemon card sets?

Several times a year, new Pokemon cards are released in different sets. Names like Vivid Voltage, Team Rocket, Sun & Moon, etc.

Each set has a unique logo printed on the card and a unique list of cards. To determine the set, you locate the logo on the card. It's right above the lower border of the card.

Below is an image showing the logo on a card.

Pokemon Set Symbol Example

Then look up the logo in a list of Pokemon set symbols.

The only set that does not have a logo is the Pokemon Base Set. It is the first set of Pokemon cards and the most valuable. If you don't see a logo on your card, that's a good thing.

How to determine Pokemon card editions?

Some early Pokemon card sets have "1st Editions" and regular editions. 1st Edition was the first printing of the card and there are fewer of them and they are worth more money. A 1st Edition Charizard could be worth $300,000 in top condition, while a standard Charizard is worth $6,500.

Look for a "1st Edition" logo on the card. The logo is usually near the corners of the Pokemon artwork.

See an example below.
Pokemon 1st Edition Symbol

The Pokemon Base Set has another "edition" that other sets don't have. It's called "Shadowless".

Some time after the first edition, Pokemon cards started being printed with drop shadows behind the artwork. But there was a period between first edition and drop shadows being added where there was no shadow. These cards are more rare than the standard versions with the shadow, but less rare than the 1st edition.

See examples belows of the shadowless and standard editions.
standard pokemon base set

shadowless pokemon base set

How to determine Pokemon card versions?
Base, Holo, Reverse Holo

Most Pokemon card sets have different versions of the cards. There are "Holo", "Standard", and "Reverse Holo".

Standard: There are no shiny parts on the card. When you tilt the front of the card light doesn't bounce off in different ways on different parts.

Holo (Foil): The Pokemon artwork is shiny. Parts of the artwork reflect light differently when turned at different angles.

Reverse Holo: The part outside the artwork is shiny. Parts of the background will reflect light differently at different angles.

Differences in holo or non-holo can be hard to differentiate in photos, but here are some examples below.

Holo Pokemon Card Example
Holo Pokemon Card Example

Non Holo Pokemon Card Example
Non Holo (Standard/Base) Card Example

Reverse Holo Card Example
Reverse Holo Card Example

Base Pokemon Card Example
Non-Holo (Standard/Base) Card Example

Now you know how to identify your Pokemon cards. Checkout PriceCharting's values to see how much your pokemon cards are worth.

Friday, October 2, 2020 Sister Site for Sports Card Prices

We've launched a sister site to PriceCharting called for sports card collectors.

SportsCardPro records current and historic prices for sports cards, offers a collection tracker, and sports card marketplace too. All tools are free, even the marketplace.

SportsCardPro offers a lot value calculator for sports cards and a big movers tool so you can see which sports cards are showing big changes in price.

For now, only basketball cards are listed but we plan to expand into baseball, football, and other sports in the near future.

Other tools already available on PriceCharting, like the eBay Sniper, eBay Lot Bot, and Lot Bot Automater, will be coming in the future too.

If you have an account on PriceCharting, you have an account on SportsCardPro too. You will need to login separately but the same login email and password work on both sites.

This doesn't change PriceCharting's focus on video games and actually helps devote more resources to pricing both games and sports cards. All future tools and features added to one site will be available on the other site too.

I'll still personally handle all customer service and database stuff on PriceCharting. Someone else with more expertise in sports cards will be taking care of those things for SportsCardPro.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback on SportsCardPro or PriceCharting.

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