Thursday, June 13, 2024

Support for CGC and SGC Graded Cards

We've added support for CGC and SGC graded cards!

We are including CGC and SGC sales in our database...
Calculating a price for CGC 10 and SGC 10 grades...
And allowing you to see historic sales too.

Click to View More Price Points

Click the blue "+" section on the right of the main prices. This will take jump you to the section on the site with values for grades 1-9.5 and PSA, BGS, CGC, and SGC 10.

CGC 10 Value

See CGC 10 prices compared to PSA and BGS 10 values.

Choose CGC 10 to See Historic Sales

Choose CGC 10 in the "More Sales" dropdown. This will show you CGC 10 historic sales.

See CGC Sales Data

Historic CGC 10 sales data is shown in it's own tab. CGC 1-9 sales data is grouped in with other 1-9.5 graded sales data.

Thursday, November 30, 2023

LEGO Sets on PriceCharting

Use PriceCharting to value and keep track of your LEGO set collection.

lego search results by keyword
Search for sets by keyword, set number, or UPC. Scan UPC with our iOS app to quickly find sets

lego series lists
See a complete list of all sets in a particular series

collection completion rate
Keep track of your collection complete progress for an entire series and search results too (Example: All Batmobile sets)

filter lego series lists
Sort and filter series lists and search results to suit your needs

all price points for a lego set
See pieces only, complete in box, brand new, and more price points for each LEGO set (Example: Millenium Falcon #10179)

historic sales for LEGO sets
View historic sales for any set and any condition (Example: Hogwarts Express New Sales)

lego collection list List of all LEGO sets owned. Ability to search collection, record cost, quantity, and leave notes

value of lego and lego mario collection
Value of entire collection, value of LEGO collection, and value of LEGO Super Mario sets

chart of lego collection value
Chart showing historic value of entire collection. Automatically updated as set values change.

Why LEGO Sets

I've been a LEGO fan since I was a child. The only thing on my birthday and Christmas list from age 7-12 was LEGO sets. My favorite set was the Mega Core Magnetizer #6989. In college I got into LEGO Mindstorm sets and built countless robots. I even designed a custom wedding LEGO piece for my wife and I to put on our wedding cake.

With kids in the house I've gotten back into LEGO sets again and building sets and doing family build challenges ("Who can make the best castle in 30 minutes?").

I wanted to add LEGO sets to PriceCharting because it's a collectible that I love and I know other people do too. I wanted a price guide and collection tools focused on collectors who build their sets, not just invest in LEGO sets.

Some LEGO builds I've designed over the years.

LEGO Conveyor Belt and Dump Truck Ramp
Conveyor belt I built when my son loved dumping LEGO blocks from his dump truck. Mindstorm motors lifted truck and ran belt.

LEGO Wedding Cake Topper
LEGO Wedding Couple I designed for my wedding cake. The baby was added a couple years later for our baby announcement.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

More Prices and More Sales

We've added more price points and more sales data to PriceCharting.

Click the blue "+" button in the price section on any item detail page. It's on the right side.

More Price Points Button

That will take you to a full price list with all prices for all grades/conditions.

More Price Points

Try it with Mickey Mantle Rookie card or Charizard #4 1st Edition

These prices are based upon actual sales data we've been collecting for years.

We are also giving you the ability to see all these historic sales for more grades/conditions too

Click the drop down in "Sold Listings" tab and choose the grade you want to see. For example - Grade 6 for cards, Graded CIB for games, MS70 for coins, or 9.6 for comics.

More Historic Sales

This is great for older cards with more sales in Grades 3-6. Or perfect for Graded CIB game collectors, coin, or comic collectors too.

Hopefully this will help you make more informed decisions on all your collectible purchases, no matter what grade or condition they are in.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

PriceCharting iOS App is Live

PriceCharting has an iOS app!

All the core functions of PriceCharting website are included - prices, set lists, collection tracking, search by photo, and historic sales.

If you enjoy the app and find PriceCharting useful, please give give the app a 5 star rating and write a review.

App Screenshots

Track Your Collection Value

Search for Games, Cards, Comics, Coins + More

View Price Details and Historic Sales

Search By Photo for Pokemon and Comics

Download the PriceCharting iOS app today.



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