Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Download Prices for Individual Sets/Consoles

Retail level subscribers can download card/game/issue lists with full price data.

Every set page on the site will have a "Download Price List" link available. Example pages: NES games or Silver Tempest Pokemon cards
Click that link and you will get a CSV file with all the items in that set and the full price info.

CSV files can be opened in a spreadsheet or text editor. This helps users quickly download price data for particular items and analyze the data or use it in a point of sale system or other service.

If you aren't a Retail subscriber yet you can sign up here.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

PriceIt Game: Test Your Knowledge of Prices

PriceIt Game: Play

How well do you know prices for your favorite collectible? Play our PriceIt Game and find out.

You have 60 seconds to choose the right price for as many items as possible.
You get 100 points for correct answers
You lose 100 points for wrong answers.

See how well you do after the game and view which answers you got right and which you got wrong.

PriceIt Game: Final Score

We keep track of your high scores too.

PriceIt Game: High Score

If you get a good score, share it with your friends and see if anyone can beat you.

The game works for every collectible we support.

PriceIt: Video Games
PriceIt: Pokemon Cards
PriceIt: Comics
PriceIt: YuGiOh Cards
PriceIt: Magic Cards

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Track % of Games Owned by Console. Filter by Release Date

100% of Games Owned

You can now view the percentage of games you own for any console/set on the site.

View a console page and the total number you own will be shown on the screen. We also include a nifty graphic showing you how close you are finishing the whole set.

This tool works with filtered results too. For example:

* % owned of every SNES item in our database
* % owned of SNES games without variants
* % owned of all SNES games released before a specific date (more about this option below)
* % owned of SNES RPGs without variants or homebrew stuff

Whatever you are collecting, you can track your progress towards completion.

When you complete the collection you'll see a change in color for your progress graphic too...Just a little "congratulations" from us.
Percent of Games Owned

Filter By Release Date

Filter by Release Date
You can now filter console/set results by the release date.

In the filter box, choose a date and see results before or after that date. Exclude games released after a certain date (homebrew or after market stuff), or comic books before a certain date to focus on a particular subset of issues.

With the release date, hardware, variant, and genre filters you can slice and dice the data to see exactly what you're collecting.

Let us know in the comments below, which sets you've finished and which you are working on next. Thanks for using PriceCharting.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

300% Increase in Boob Size on Comic Book Cover Art

Wonder Woman Comic Covers

While loading tens of thousands of comic book covers to PriceCharting’s new online comics price guide, we noticed that the portrayal of female characters seemed to become much more racy as the decades passed. Curiosity got the best of us so we ran a study to understand just what has changed about the female form in comics over know, for science.

What we found was significant, but not unexpected.

Modern day covers feature busts that consume more than triple the cover space and show twice the amount of cleavage compared to comics from the mid 20th century. But that’s not all we found.


Wonder Woman Measurements Example
Methodology Example with Pixel Measurements

Before sharing our other insights, here’s how we got the data.

We selected three female-dominant comic book franchises that have represented large readerships over the past 4+ decades: Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Red Sonja. We randomly selected ten covers from each decade of each comic. The covers needed to feature the characters’ full body. We then recorded pixel measurements for: breast height and width, cleavage width, waist width, hip width, and cover width. We compiled the data:

Wonder Woman: 88 covers (616 data points)
Catwoman: 35 covers (245)
Red Sonja: 59 covers (413)


Here’s what we found:

Comic Breast & Waiste Size - Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Red Sonja

Since the early era of female-dominant comics the amount of cover attention placed on the bust has steadily increased. The decade beginning 2010 was the most prominent decade for breasts as nearly 30% of the cover width was occupied by bosoms. Cover artists took great liberty with breasts in the decade beginning 2010 as both [% of Cover] and [% Cleavage] peaked during that time frame. Perhaps artists have since felt the pressure to “normalize” the look of their female characters, as both metrics have begun to recede moving into the 2020s.

We recorded [Hip-to-Waist Ratio] for these three characters as well and were surprised to observe not much change over time. We had guessed that women would have “filled out” in the waist since the early days where pencil-thin waists were all the rage.

We weren’t certain that these three characters represented larger trends in all female-forward series, so we added 12 other characters into the study, albeit with a smaller sample size. We randomly selected two covers across each decade for these new characters, and in total added 124 additional covers from our archive (868 data points). Adding them into the study with data sampled from the first three females we see some evident trends:

Comic Breast and Waist Size - All Comics

Filling in these other characters paints a more complete story of the key trends in how the portrayal of women in comics has evolved over time. Comparing modern day (2010+) to the early comics (1940-60), we observe from the green trendlines:

  • Busts occupy more than triple the cover space today
  • The amount of cleavage shown has more than doubled (cleavage of greater than 50% was not observed until the 1970s at which point it became relatively common)
  • Women actually did “fill out” in the waist over time (hip:waist ratio declined by ~15%)
  • Breast:Waist ratio has remained the same - as breasts have grown, so have waists

This study was a fun project we pulled together over the course of a couple of weeks in our spare time. It’s not been rigorously statistically tested, and the results could be sharpened with an expanded data set. Additionally, we’d love to run a similar study about how the male body dimensions have also adapted over time. All caveats aside, this first pass is a reliable early look at just how cover women have changed in the comic media’s eye over time. It all begs the question - Have illustrators hit their maximum allowable peak for racy imagery, or is there still more to come?

Catwoman Comic Covers
Catwoman Cover Art Over the Years
Red Sonja Comic Covers
Red Sonja Cover Art Over the Years



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