Thursday, May 26, 2022

Japanese Pokemon Cards on PriceCharting

Japanese Pokemon Cards
We've added all the Japanese Pokemon card sets and their cards to PriceCharting.

Sets like VMAX Climax, Star Birth (Brilliant Stars in USA), Fusion Arts (Fusion Strike in USA), and the original Japanese Pokemon set. We even have obscure sets like the Japanese Vending Machine set.

You can find Japanese cards in the search results or find specific sets using Find Specific Sets Tool. If you Japanese is a bit rusty (or non-existent like mine), our search by photo tool works with Japanese Pokemon cards too.

Our database already has tens of thousands of sales and our bots are finding thousands of sales every day. Soon, every Japanese Pokemon card will have a value and historic sales data.

Friday, May 6, 2022

Search Comic Books by Photo

Sometimes it can be tricky knowing the exact Comic Book you have. The issue number might not be prominent or the year published is hidden. Or it just takes too long typing out the name. You can now search with a photo of your comic book instead.

Follow these directions to search for comics with just a photo.

Click the Camera icon on the Comic Book main page (or at the top of any other page).

Click Camera Icon
Click the Camera Icon

Click 'Take Photo' button.
Click 'Take Photo' button
Click 'Take Photo Button'

Confirm the photo and change orientation if needed. Accuracy is higher if the photo is oriented correctly.
Confirm Photo
Confirm photo and orientation

Wait for a bit while photo is processing (the servers are working hard).
Processing Photo
Wait a bit for comic processing

See matching comics. The top match is the first comic and larger image. Other possible matches are shown too.
Best Matching Cards
See possible matches

Click the matching comic to see price details, add it to your collection, or view the graded POP data.
Click to See Card Details and Price
Click to see comic prices

This only works with Comic Books and Pokemon cards right now and the tool is in beta. In our tests the correct issue was found 94% of the time (one of the top three results). We continue to add more comics to the site and more variants too. The tool will work with cover variants too.

To improve results take photos with a clear background and the cover itself filling up most of the photo.

Please give us your feedback in the comments below. We'd love to hear how the tool works for you.

See a good list of the best comic books to invest in 2022.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Sell 270+ Games in Less Than 3 Months on PriceCharting: Tips from the Seller

JonsGames joined PriceCharting 3 months ago to sell some of his game collection. In less than 90 days he's sold more than 270 games on PriceCharting with almost perfect feedback.

What's his selling secret?

Place User Name in Every Photo in Every Listing

Every single listing JonsGames posts includes a photo of the actual item AND his user name written on a piece of paper. Most listings have multiple photos. The photo helps buyers know two things.

* Buyers can see exactly what they will be getting.
* Buyers know the seller actually has that game in his possession (photo wasn't taken off the internet).

Both of these reduce buyer's fear/risk of being scammed so they are more likely to buy.

Sell with Low Prices

Almost every item JonsGames sells is priced around 90% of the market price.

PriceCharting doesn't charge any marketplace fees so JonsGames saves money compared to other marketplaces. He passes almost all of those savings onto the buyers. In exchanage JonsGames sells more stuff.

Buyers are always looking to find a deal. PriceCharting has tons of collectors with games/cards in their wishlists. We notify those users when a seller posts an item for sale with a good price. Using discounted prices puts a listing in front of more eyeballs and often leads to sales minutes after posting the item.

Give Great Customer Service After the Sale

JonsGames says his philosphy as a seller is the golden rule. "Treat others the way you want to be treated".

He's bought games online before. He knows what he likes as a buyer. So he does that for his customers.


* Ships quickly (usually the same or next day)
* Communicates frequently by uploading tracking, emailing if there is a delay, etc
* Fixes any problems when they happen. Mistakes inevitably happen. When they have he's fixed the problems quickly so the customer was happy.

JonsGames says he's received emails from buyers "thanking me for giving them the chance to relive there childhoods and play with there kids and to me that’s worth more then the cash."
Great customer service leads to repeat buyers and great feedback ratings. Great feedback gives new buyers even more confidence to buy.

I personally want to say "thank you" to JonsGames for making PriceCharting marketplace a better place to buy/sell with fellow collectors and mom-n-pop stores.

You can see JonsGames current listings and give his games a great new home.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Site Outage: May 4th, 2022

1:05pm MT: We are aware of a site outage. We are working on a fix now.
1:14pm MT: It appears that PriceCharting is being attacked by DDos. Looking into ways to block those servers.
1:18pm MT: The attack has stopped for now. Looking into long term solution to prevent this in the future.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

See CGC Comic Book Population on PriceCharting

You can now see CGC population reports on comic book pages on PriceCharting.

See the number of issues graded at each CGC grade level and visualize the data too.

This helps you know how rare a particular grade is. For example Amazing Spiderman #1 (1963) has a peak grade around CGC 3 and 9.X grades are very rare. While Uncanny X-Men #142 (1981) has a peak at 9.6.

To view the population data for a comic like the "Pop Report" tab below the price data.

Most major comic books have this CGC population data, but we are working to add data for all comics in our database.

Thank you to CGC for sharing the population data with us. We are working with them to add TCG population data to PriceCharting too so you can see the same type of information for Pokemon, YuGiOh, and Magic cards.

Please give us your feedback on this tool as you try it out. We love hearing feedback from our users.



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