Thursday, May 26, 2022

Japanese Pokemon Cards on PriceCharting

Japanese Pokemon Cards
We've added all the Japanese Pokemon card sets and their cards to PriceCharting.

Sets like VMAX Climax, Star Birth (Brilliant Stars in USA), Fusion Arts (Fusion Strike in USA), and the original Japanese Pokemon set. We even have obscure sets like the Japanese Vending Machine set.

You can find Japanese cards in the search results or find specific sets using Find Specific Sets Tool. If you Japanese is a bit rusty (or non-existent like mine), our search by photo tool works with Japanese Pokemon cards too.

Our database already has tens of thousands of sales and our bots are finding thousands of sales every day. Soon, every Japanese Pokemon card will have a value and historic sales data.


Dave W said...

I am posting this on this comment as it is the most recent one, even though it's not related.

What do you think about trying to generate a Dow Jones type index for videogame prices? I suggest this but really don't know how one would make it.

The reason I ask is we have all this information here and what does it tell you about the overall picture? Not a whole lot. It would be very interesting to see a number that changes and adapts to how the game market is going in general.

The games taken into account would need to reflect the market as a whole and be weighted appropriately.

What do you think? Too goofy?

Anonymous said...

@Dave - We do have something similar. It is called the "PriceCharting Index".

It is an index of all retro games for particular consoles. It is an average so it is rarity weighted.

Is that what you had in mind?

Dave W said...

This would be more weighed by only including games that would be more indicative historically if where game prices have gone. I guess what I'm saying is the PC Index is everything under the sun and a better index would be one more fine tuned. As an example, does Madden 2001 for Xbox really offer insight into where games are going versus something like Earthbound?

I know I am asking this but I am not smart enough statistically to make the judgment calls on what games strengthen this theoretical index versus the all inclusive one or if this index would be ultimately worth the time.

It was a shower thought, really. It also doesn't offer any benefit for pricecharting (unless the reddit grabs hold of it, then maybe) so all the work devising it would be charity. However, heavily leaning on it as a Dow Jones for game collecting could make it pop. I mean, that's all it takes these days - offering something as X of Y, where X is something familiar and Y is something people are interested in (like, as a poor example, pitching Elden Ring as Lord of the Rings meets Dark Souls).

JJ said...

Valid points about some games not really being collectible. Our index is more like the SP500 than the Dow. We include a wider selection and it is weighted by size. Both have their value.

I have ideas to make various indexes on the site so there could be a Gen 4 index (SNES, Genesis, etc). Or a "Dow" like index with just the most collectible games from various consoles. Or Portable Index, Nintendo Index, etc. I'll add some of your comments to my existing notes on the idea.

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