Monday, March 14, 2022

Search Pokemon Cards By Photo

Sometimes it can be tricky knowing the exact Pokemon card you have. You can read our guide to identifying your cards or you can now search with a Pokemon card photo. Follow these directions to search for cards with just a photo.

Click the Camera icon on the Pokemon Card main page (or at the top of any other page).

Click Camera Icon
Click the Camera Icon

Click 'Take Photo' button
Click 'Take Card Photo' button
Click 'Take Photo Button'

Confirm the photo and change orientation if needed.
Confirm Photo
Confirm photo and orientation

Wait for a bit photo processing (the servers are working hard).
Processing Photo
Wait a bit for card processing

See matching cards. The top match is the first card and larger image. Other possible matches are shown too.
Best Matching Cards
See possible matches

Click the matching card to see price details or add it to your collection.
Click to See Card Details and Price
Click to see card prices

This only works with Pokemon cards right now and the tool is in beta. In our tests the correct card was found 96% of the time (one of the top three results). To improve results take photos with a clear background and the card itself filling up most of the photo.

Please give us your feedback in the comments below. We'd love to hear how the tool works for you.


Anonymous said...

It won't let me do it or my brothers

Anonymous said...

@anonymous - What happens when you try to do it?

Anonymous said...

How do I do this on a phone I want to go into my camera and show it the pokemon card and it scans it like a QR code and then it brings up a website to see price

JJ Hendricks said...

You click the camera icon on any pokemon page on the site and that will open the dialogue to choose the photo. You can take a new photo or use one of the existing images on your site.

Anonymous said...

it wont let me do it as well

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