Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A New Look

We've improved the look of VideoGamePriceCharts.com. The new page style should require no horizontal scrolling for those of you with smaller monitors. Now that that's done we're moving on to the next scheduled feature for the site: adding the ability to browse for games by console.

Make $150 by Not Playing Your Wii

If someone told you they would pay you $150 not to play your Wii for the whole month of December, would you take it? That is exactly what every Wii owner is being offered right now. Let me explain.

Wii prices are upwards of $590 on Amazon right now (probably even more by the time you read this, it increased $20 in the last five hours since I started this post).

After the 15% fee, I would have $501 in my pocket (even more if I sold it on ebay, thank you lower fees), but lets assume $500.

In January I buy a Wii back. In 2008, I could probably find the Wii in stores for $249 by waking up early on a Sunday and going to a Target or Best Buy. But even if I had to buy the Wii back on Amazon it would be a lot cheaper than it is now. The chart below shows that between August and October when the Wii was still hard to find, the average price on Amazon was $350.

Below is a chart of the prices from August 2007 until November 27, 2007.
Wii Prices During 2007 from Amazon.com

So by selling my Wii now I would make $150 and all I give up is not being able to play my Wii for the rest of 2007. Think of it. Give up playing your Wii for a month and then you can buy Smash Bros Brawl, ten NES virtual console games, and still have $50 bucks left over.

You might even try and get lucky by waiting to sell you Wii until closer to Christmas. Lose less playing time and maybe get a higher price. With the Wii on the "Hot Dozen" list, Toys R Us list, and many hot toy lists for 2007 this might be a fairly safe bet.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Madden Prices Fall Fast on Playstation 2

Every every EA Sports releases their Madden football franchise to coincide with the new NFL season starting and every year it consistently sells millions of copies. The only thing more consistent is the price drop for the Madden games after their release. From the first day the game goes on sale, the prices start dropping every single month. Its very evident with the price chart for Madden 2008 above. The video game was released in August at $49.99 and by the end of the month was selling for $36, and for $29 by November. Will this price drop continue you ask?

Madden 2007 dropped in price every single month in 2007 except for a small increase in August when people wanted to get their football fix for cheap by buying Madden 07 instead of 08. This same pattern is seen with Madden 2006, and Madden 2005 to a lesser extent because it is almost worthless, selling for $0.39.

Madden football is very consistent in its sales every year, but also consistent in the fact that it will go on sale. Wait a couple of months or even until playoffs start and you can buy the game for half the original price and still enjoy the game in the height of the current football season.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Halo 3 Fans Get Nostalgic for the Original

Every gamer knows that Halo 3 was released for Xbox 360 on September 25 because it was almost a holiday in the gaming community. It sold 3.3 million copies in the September alone. A large number of these millions of buyers decided to prepare themselves for Halo 3's release by playing the original again. Prices for the original Halo went up almost 30% in September, going from $7.15 in August to $9.14 in September.

Plenty of gamers must have gone nostalgic after playing Halo 3 too, because the prices just kept on increasing in October. Going up another 10% during October to almost $10. But just as quickly as the price went up, gamers appetite for the original faded and the price dropped back down in November.

Moral of the story: If you going to relive your old gaming memories, buy it before everyone else does. You'll save a few bucks.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nintendo 64 Console Gets More Expensive

The Nintendo 64 Console has steadily increased in price throughout 2007. Its low for the year was around $9 in January and is now selling for $27.

The price increases have accelerated during the the past four months, increasing almost $2.00 every month. What is causing this sharp rise in prices? I don't think supply dried up, unless some warehouse stocked with Nintendo 64's caught fire that I didn't hear about. All the N64 consoles are owned by individuals hooked up to their TV's or packed away in boxes. Is there renewed interest in the Nintendo 64 because of the virtual console on Wii? Prices for Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and Super Mario 64 have started increasing during the past four months too. So maybe people are looking to play these games on the original system. But even they haven't increased as much as the N64 console's price..

Anyone have other theories why the Nintendo 64's price is rising almost as much as Nintendo's stock price?

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Video Game Price Charts Are Live Again

VideoGamePriceCharts.com is back up again after being down last week. We have moved to a new server and everything is running smoothly for the last 24 hours. You should be able to see prices and charts for all the video games in our database. If you run into any problems please let us know.

On a side note. I will be trying to post a chart and a little bit of analysis every day for the next two weeks (not counting weekends and Thanksgiving though, sorry).

Saturday, November 10, 2007

VideoGamePriceCharts.com Up....and Then Down

Some of you might have noticed that we went live with VideoGamePriceCharts.com yesterday. Things started off smoothly with people finding prices for all sorts of video games and giving us their feedback on the beta version. And then it all came back down again. Due to heavy traffic on the server, things came to a stand still and then the server crashed.

For now we have put back the parking page we had before until we can work out the server issues and make sure this doesn't happen again.

Thanks everyone who did visit and thank you for your feedback too. We hope to have everything back up soon.

Blog Moves

People visiting the blog now might have noticed that the url has changed. We moved everything over to the new website blog.pricecharting.com to get ready for the new site launching.

We will be changing the look of the blog in the near future too. It will match the look of the new site but still keep all the same video game price analysis and charts.



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