Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Make $150 by Not Playing Your Wii

If someone told you they would pay you $150 not to play your Wii for the whole month of December, would you take it? That is exactly what every Wii owner is being offered right now. Let me explain.

Wii prices are upwards of $590 on Amazon right now (probably even more by the time you read this, it increased $20 in the last five hours since I started this post).

After the 15% fee, I would have $501 in my pocket (even more if I sold it on ebay, thank you lower fees), but lets assume $500.

In January I buy a Wii back. In 2008, I could probably find the Wii in stores for $249 by waking up early on a Sunday and going to a Target or Best Buy. But even if I had to buy the Wii back on Amazon it would be a lot cheaper than it is now. The chart below shows that between August and October when the Wii was still hard to find, the average price on Amazon was $350.

Below is a chart of the prices from August 2007 until November 27, 2007.
Wii Prices During 2007 from Amazon.com

So by selling my Wii now I would make $150 and all I give up is not being able to play my Wii for the rest of 2007. Think of it. Give up playing your Wii for a month and then you can buy Smash Bros Brawl, ten NES virtual console games, and still have $50 bucks left over.

You might even try and get lucky by waiting to sell you Wii until closer to Christmas. Lose less playing time and maybe get a higher price. With the Wii on the "Hot Dozen" list, Toys R Us list, and many hot toy lists for 2007 this might be a fairly safe bet.

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Anonymous said...

No thanks! i love my wii!

Anonymous said...

what about all your vc games, and saved games and friends list. Rebuilding my friends list might not be worth 150.

Anonymous said...

it will be hard to find a wii long after christmas is over.

im not going to risk letting it go. I waited 30 hours infront of a target on launch day to get mine.

Cory said...

It's very tempting, but I value my Wii too much,

JJ Hendricks said...

You guys all have a good point about Wii friend codes and virtual console games. If you have a bunch of VC games already, it might not be worth selling. But you would probably get a bit more for the console on ebay.

I agree with one of the posters saying the Wii will be hard to find after Christmas. I don't think the shortage will disappear overnight but I do think the prices will come back down to pre-christmas levels. Which is what I assumed in the blog post.

Reese said...

Love it too much. But if I happen to find one at the store (I've got connections) I'm going to buy it and sell it on ebay.

Coaster said...

There is no shortage for the wii over here in Australia. It has been the biggest selling console here but there is still plenty of stock.

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JJ Hendricks said...

Nintendo needs to ship some of those Australian Wii's over here to the USA then. My wife was in Wal-Mart yesterday and they started unpacking Wii's to sell, but before they were out of the boxes they were all sold out.

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