Monday, January 2, 2017

Relaunched eBay Sniper. More listings, more reliable, and more photos

We're relaunching our free eBay Sniper for the new year.

There are more deals (2,000+ every day), photos for every deal, improved desktop notifications, and more consistent connections.

Our eBay Sniper monitors new listings on eBay. If a game is listed at a price below the market value, we post it to the Sniper. You just keep the page open and new deals show up every few minutes.

You can customize the sniper just for you:

Filter the results to only show deals for certain consoles
See buy it now and/or auctions ending soon
Customize the minimum deal threshold

Setup desktop notifications so you can continue with your day and see a little pop-up when new deals arrive

In the backend, we improved the way we pushed the changed to each user. The old sniper used to have lots of disconnection errors, but this has been fixed now. You should be able to open the tool once, continue with your normal work and then click on any notifications that interest you.

Try out the eBay Sniper and give us your feedback in the comments below and let us know what deals you find.



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