Thursday, November 15, 2018

How to Find Game Lists & Prices by Publisher

Do you have a favorite video game publisher? Nintendo, Rockstar, Atlus, Konami, etc.

You can search PriceCharting by Publisher to find all their games and their prices.

Want to collect of every Capcom game? Add the Capcom games to your collection with one click and see which Capcom games are missing from your collection in a quick glance.

We're working to add the same feature for game developers but we need to add more data points to our database before we are ready to launch it. If you want to help, contact us and we an give you access to edit the database.

Please give us your feedback on this new feature.

Multi Disc Game List

We also added a list of every multi-disc game for every console.

Use this as a quick tool to make sure games you find are complete with all the discs.

The "Item Details" section on every disc game page lists the number of discs included.



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