Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Website Outage: January 29th 2020

January 30th 6:10 AM - The site is back to full functionality again. We are doing a postmortem to resolve the root causes of this issue to prevent it from happening again in the future. Thank you for your patience, sorry for any inconvenience.

January 29th 10:00 PM - The site is working for most requests for now. 99% of user requests will work just fine but requests might be slightly slower. Some database intensive features may not work (price guide downloads, collection importing, etc). We are still working on a more permanent fix and hope to have it up on the site soon.

January 29th 5:00 PM - We are aware of the website outage and we are looking into a fix now. Hopefully the site will be back up shortly. It appears there was a database and memory crash that caused these problems.

Friday, January 17, 2020

PriceCharting API Mashup with Discord

A user recently recently created their own PriceCharting/Discord API mashup.

While users are on the Gameboy Discord they can ask the bot for a video game's price and get a response right in the channel.

For example, you're talking with a fellow collector about a trade for Pokemon Yellow. You type:

@DMG price pokemon yellow

The bot replies with the current value and a link to see more info. Both members now know the value and can continue with their trade with a bit more info.

If you have any cool PriceCharting API mashups, please let me know.

PriceCharting is Staying Open

PriceCharting is open for business and will be staying open. There has been some confusion lately so I wanted to make this clear.

I own and They are two different businesses and JJGames is a customer of PriceCharting (like lots of other game stores). I recently announced I was closing JJGames because it wasn't doing very well financially and I wanted to focus on PriceCharting.

PriceCharting is NOT impacted by this. PriceCharting will remain open and I will now have MORE time to devote to it. I'll continue adding features to it and will continue providing price data for everyone.

Thank you for using PriceCharting. Sorry for any confusion.



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