Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10,000 Video Games in Pricing Database

VideoGamePriceCharts.com has added its 10,000 video game to the database!!! Yesterday we added over 100 snes games to our list so there are now a total of 10,029 video games with daily updated prices in our database.

We thought about giving our customers something to celebrate the 10,000 game (Redline F-1 Racer for Super Nintendo) but we already give all our users free access to the best video game pricing data available. What more could you want? Timely, accurate video game prices is the gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you for continuing to use our video game pricing site. Maybe when we reach 15,000 games we really can give something away to our valued users.

I'll close off this post by including a small collection of "10,000" images to honor this event. If you find any other images with 10,000 in them feel free to post them in the comments.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wavebird Gets More Expensive Because of Wii

The Wavebird is a great controller and because it is wireless it was always my favorite way to play Gamecube games. Getting rid of all those wires made my gaming room much less cluttered and I didn't have to worry about someone tripping on the cord and bringing my Gamecube to an early death.

With the Wii's release, the Wavebird has had renewed use in my house to play Virtual Console games and recently to play Smash Bros Melee before Brawl is released. Other Wii owners must be rushing to buy Wavebirds too, because the prices for both controllers have increased steadily since last year.

Wavebird Controller Prices Chart
Platinum Wavebird Controller Prices Chart

The original Wavebird was selling for $24 last January and is now selling for roughly $45. While the Platinum Wavebird was selling for $28 and is now selling for upwards of $44 on Amazon and eBay.

This article was inspired by a similar article on GamePeople posted a year ago. Prices provided by VideoGamePriceCharts.com.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Than 1,100 Playstation Games in Database

PS1 Game PricesYesterday we added a little more than 400 Playstation games and prices to our database. That brings our total number to: 1,133 PS1 Games. You should be able to find daily updated prices on almost every Playstation 1 game released in the US (I'm sure there are a few that slipped through the cracks, let me know if you find any we are missing).

This new round of of updates brings our video game total to 9,893 games. We are now working to add any missing SNES games so you will get updates on all Super Nintendo game prices too.

After adding the Super NES games, our database will most likely exceed 10,000 games!! And thanks to a suggestion from TanookiTravis over at GameGym, I think we will have some sort of party.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Microsoft Not Making Enough Xbox 360 Elite

Microsoft released the Xbox 360 Elite, the most expensive and high end of the 360 models, in April 2007. But Microsoft can't seem to make enough of them to meet demand. There are reports that the consoles are sold-out at many retail stores and it has been sold-out on Amazon consistently since November. The shortage has gotten so bad that people are paying more than $547, a 20% premium over the $449.99 retail price, to buy a used 360 Elite.

Below is a chart of the Xbox 360 Elite prices during the past seven months. The price since November 2007 has been higher than the retail price.
Chart of Xbox 360 Elite Prices During 2007 and 2008
(Note: The big dip during October 2007 was due to some broken 360 Elites lowering the overall price. Working consoles were not selling for $250)

Is there a very high demand for all Xbox 360 consoles and Microsoft can't keep up? The charts of the Xbox 360 Premium and Xbox 360 Core are below. The charts show that the prices for the Premium and Core 360's are lower than retail price which is the normal pricing when an item is easy to find in retail stores.

Chart of Xbox 360 Pro Prices During 2007 and 2008

Chart of Xbox 360 Core Prices During 2007 and 2008

One of two things is happening:
1. Microsoft isn't making as many Xbox 360 Elites - Could the 360 Elite be much harder to make than the Core and Premium or has Microsoft just underestimated demand for the past four months? Some retailers have said they haven't received 360 Elite consoles for the past three weeks. Is it a dark sinister plot to get people to buy Xbox 360 Arcade systems and then be forced to buy a bunch of accessories?

2. Demand for the Elite is much higher than the other 360 models - The 360 Elite might be the console of choice for people who want to buy one so they are willing to pay the extra money to get one, even if the Premium and Core (now replaced by the Arcade bundle) are in stock. This must be at least partially true or the prices on the used consoles wouldn't be nearly $200 more than the other 360 models. People must think the bundled accessories and large hard drive make it that much more valuable.

Whatever is causing the shortage of 360's at retail, it has to be bad for Microsoft. The 360 is in a three way battle with the Wii and Playstation 3 and any shortages are going to hurt sales. The Wii is hard to find too, but it appears to be caused by unprecedented demand and it is popular in all three major territories. The 360 sells fewer than 5,000 consoles a week in Japan, so they only have two territories to supply. The 360 can't afford to be sold out for more than four months in it's strongest market if it is going to win the console wars.

What do you think is causing the high 360 Elite prices? Lack of supply or very high demand? And why?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Video Game Pricing Subscription Service Now Available

Today we launched our Video Game Price Guide subscription service for users who want access to all our video game pricing data in one single file. The file is updated daily with the video game prices for every video game in our database and users can quickly download the file to see all the pricing data at once instead of browsing the site page by page.

The service is great for video game retailers who need to know what prices to sell their games or what prices to pay when buying games from customers. It saves you time because you don't have to find all the prices yourself. And the guide helps you make more money because your video games are priced to sell faster and at higher margins.

The video game pricing service costs as little as $41.67 per month with a 12 month subscription. To get all the details visit the Video Game Pricing Guide information page today.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Over 450 Nintendo NES Games Added

We recently added more than 450 NES games to our pricing database. We now have 692 original Nintendo games with daily price updates. Which brings our total to.......drum roll please: 9,138 video games, accessories, and consoles

That's right, Video Game Price Charts now has 9,138 video games that you can find prices on for free.



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