Friday, February 15, 2008

Wavebird Gets More Expensive Because of Wii

The Wavebird is a great controller and because it is wireless it was always my favorite way to play Gamecube games. Getting rid of all those wires made my gaming room much less cluttered and I didn't have to worry about someone tripping on the cord and bringing my Gamecube to an early death.

With the Wii's release, the Wavebird has had renewed use in my house to play Virtual Console games and recently to play Smash Bros Melee before Brawl is released. Other Wii owners must be rushing to buy Wavebirds too, because the prices for both controllers have increased steadily since last year.

Wavebird Controller Prices Chart
Platinum Wavebird Controller Prices Chart

The original Wavebird was selling for $24 last January and is now selling for roughly $45. While the Platinum Wavebird was selling for $28 and is now selling for upwards of $44 on Amazon and eBay.

This article was inspired by a similar article on GamePeople posted a year ago. Prices provided by


Cory said...

It's too bad Nintendo decided to stop manufacturing new ones.

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