Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10,000 Video Games in Pricing Database

VideoGamePriceCharts.com has added its 10,000 video game to the database!!! Yesterday we added over 100 snes games to our list so there are now a total of 10,029 video games with daily updated prices in our database.

We thought about giving our customers something to celebrate the 10,000 game (Redline F-1 Racer for Super Nintendo) but we already give all our users free access to the best video game pricing data available. What more could you want? Timely, accurate video game prices is the gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you for continuing to use our video game pricing site. Maybe when we reach 15,000 games we really can give something away to our valued users.

I'll close off this post by including a small collection of "10,000" images to honor this event. If you find any other images with 10,000 in them feel free to post them in the comments.


Travis Hendricks said...

Party time!!!!

I will bring the 10,000 chips if you supply some dip.

$10,000 Bill

JJ Hendricks said...
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