Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Track % of Games Owned by Console. Filter by Release Date

100% of Games Owned

You can now view the percentage of games you own for any console/set on the site.

View a console page and the total number you own will be shown on the screen. We also include a nifty graphic showing you how close you are finishing the whole set.

This tool works with filtered results too. For example:

* % owned of every SNES item in our database
* % owned of SNES games without variants
* % owned of all SNES games released before a specific date (more about this option below)
* % owned of SNES RPGs without variants or homebrew stuff

Whatever you are collecting, you can track your progress towards completion.

When you complete the collection you'll see a change in color for your progress graphic too...Just a little "congratulations" from us.
Percent of Games Owned

Filter By Release Date

Filter by Release Date
You can now filter console/set results by the release date.

In the filter box, choose a date and see results before or after that date. Exclude games released after a certain date (homebrew or after market stuff), or comic books before a certain date to focus on a particular subset of issues.

With the release date, hardware, variant, and genre filters you can slice and dice the data to see exactly what you're collecting.

Let us know in the comments below, which sets you've finished and which you are working on next. Thanks for using PriceCharting.



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