Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Website Launching

Sorry the posts in this blog have been so far apart lately, but something good is coming from it. I have been busy working with a partner on getting all the historic video game pricing data I have online. Instead of writing posts about whatever I find interesting, you will be able to look up what you are interested in. The site will have prices on over 7,000 video games, accessories, and consoles for every major system from NES to Xbox 360, Wii to Super Nintendo.

The website is going to be called You can visit it now to get more info about what the site will show, see a sample graph, and bookmark it so you can come back later.

We plan on launching the site early November 2007.

You will be able to use the site to find the price for any video game today so you know how much to pay if you are buying it. Or how much to ask if you are selling it. You can see if the price on the game has increased or decreased over time. And the data will be updated daily so it is always as accurate as possible.

I will be continuing to blog about video game prices and different topics I find interesting but they might change a bit. I plan on writing more frequently about some graph that I think is particularly interesting and why. And then semi-regularly do the more in-depth analysis articles that this blog has now.

Please let me know what features you would like to see included in the new site so we can try to add them or consider them for future additions to the site.



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