Friday, November 15, 2019

Added PAL Nintendo Switch and PAL Xbox One Games

We've added PAL Nintendo Switch games and PAL Xbox One games to PriceCharting.

This includes some rare PAL region exclusive games like Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime which sells for $170 now. Lots of the Super Rare games are quite valuable now.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Added Games for PAL Wii U

We've added a full PAL Wii U game list to the site.

We've gathering prices on all the games as we find sales for the items.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Added Japanese Sega Mega Drive Games

We've added a full list of Japanese Sega Mega Drive games to the site (known as Sega Genesis in USA).

You can now add any Mega Drive imports to your collections and find their value including rare Japanese exclusives like Monster World IV and Panorama Cotton.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Added Japanese Nintendo 64 and Gamecube Games

We've added a full game list for Japanese Nintendo 64 and Japanese Gamecube games.

You can see prices for Japanese rare exclusives like Getter Love and Giftpia.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Record Cost Basis for Game Collection Items

You can now record the amount you paid for items in your collection and view it along with the current value.

Two ways to do it.

* On desktop, view your collection items and enter the amount paid in the correct column.

* On mobile, click on the 'edit details' on the item and enter the amount paid in the correct field.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Video Game Value UPC Scanner

We've added a UPC Scanner to PriceCharting using your mobile phone camera.

You can scan any UPC barcode for a video game and quickly find the value.

Here's how it works:

Click UPC Button Near Search Box

Scan a Barcode

You may be asked to grant permissions for PriceCharting to use your camera. Choose 'yes'. This is required so we can see what game you are scanning with your phone.

See Game Value

The tool is only available on mobile devices because they have built in cameras. The tool is still in testing phase, so please give us your feedback. How accurate is it for you? How quick is it? Etc.

Some Tips for Using UPC Scanner

  • Works best with good lighting.
  • You get best results with a high quality camera that takes good close up shots.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

We've Added Nintendo Power Prices

We're tracking the prices for all Nintendo Power Issues. From Volume 1 to Volume 285.

You can find the latest prices and add the issues to your collection too.

Who here owns the entire Nintendo Power collection?

Anyone collect other gaming magazines like EGM, Game Informer, GamePro, or Sega Visions? Let me know which you collect in the comments below.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Tips to Choose the Best Gaming Headset

When choosing a new gaming headset, there are several things you want to consider. Comfort, sound, your platform, durability, and price are all top points to take into consideration. While you can certainly grab just about any pair from your local store, if you are a die-hard gamer, who plays for hours on end, you will want to be a bit more particular. Here are some tips to help you get the best pair for the best gaming experience.

If you are a serious gamer and play often, or for long periods of time, you want a headset that is comfortable. Find something that is lightweight yet substantially cushioned to avoid ear pain. Also make sure that the spacer (the area between the two ear pieces) is correct. If you have a headset that is too small in size, it will be tight and uncomfortable. On the contrary, if the headset is too large, it may fall off easily, becoming a distraction, or inhibit your hearing ability.

The cheapest headset may not be the best quality. Likewise, the most expensive set may have everything you need or may have features that you likely won’t use. Why pay for something you don’t need? Do your homework before making a purchase. Find out exactly what you want in a headset and then what the price range of a headset like that will cost. If you are going for a specific look, take that into consideration, too. Shop around and look for coupons or discount codes. There are great deals out there.

Sound Quality
Headphones are designed to give you close and in-person-like hearing ability. If the sound is horrible, then there’s no point in wearing them. A good headset will have volume and bass controls, as well as a noise cancelling feature. You don’t want your little sisters high pitched screaming interfering with your war game when you need to concentrate. Great sound can make a good game even better.

If you like to play game with a team, you will want a microphone. Multiplayer online gaming platforms allow you to talk to team members and strategize. A quality microphone will allow your voice to be clear and loud for teammates to hear you. A good mic will make your in-game missions a breeze.

A serious gamer wants a high-quality design. You want something that can withstand being taken on and off frequently, as well as one that will tolerate getting thrown in frustration from time to time. You don’t want your headset to break or have the connections come loose the first time they accidentally hit the ground. Get one that is built to last.

Your Gaming Platform
Some headsets may be designed for specific platforms. Depending on whether you are playing on a PC, Xbox, Nintendo, or another device, you will want to make sure that your headset is compatible. Choose the wrong headset and you will just be wasting your money on something that you cannot use.

Wired or Wireless Headsets
If you don’t want to worry about having to recharge your headset in the middle of your game play, you will want to strongly consider if you want a wired or wireless headset. If you don’t want wires getting in your way, then wireless is a good option. Also take into consideration connect-ability. If you choose wireless, and there is interference in the room, it may disrupt the sound quality of your game. There are pros and cons to each. Some gamers like to have a set of each.

What kind of gamer you are will determine what type of headset you may want to get to use with your gaming system. Comfort, sound, and price are just some of the things that you will want to take into consideration. The right headset will definitely elevate your game.



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