Sunday, August 18, 2019

Record Cost Basis for Game Collection Items

You can now record the amount you paid for items in your collection and view it along with the current value.

Two ways to do it.

* On desktop, view your collection items and enter the amount paid in the correct column.

* On mobile, click on the 'edit details' on the item and enter the amount paid in the correct field.


BEC said...

Will you add this to the export?

JJ said...

@unknown - At some point yes it will be included in the export. It is not included now though.

FFTW said...

this is a pretty nice feature,but please make it so we can gather stuff together and add one price,for when we buy a haul of different things. i do that a lot,and some cant really be easily divided per item (a purchase of a system with games and accessories for x price for example),so putting the price for the whole haul makes far more sense :)

also, please add the MSX and MSX2. been requesting them for years lol. pretty sure they were more popular than the Arcadia 2001 or the Bally Astrocade XD.

JJ said...

@FFTW - Thanks for feature suggestion on game lots and the cost of those. I'm not sure how we would attribute those costs to each item.

Regarding MSX and MSX 2. We have a user suggestion for that but not many votes at this point:

On Arcadia and Bally Astrocade, a user helped us add all of those games. If another user wanted to do that for MSX we could add them much sooner.

Anonymous said...

Awesome feature, wish I had it, uh, 2 decades ago, lol.

sparky01gt said...

Can you make please make the "total spent" available, preferably not publicly?

JJ said...

@sparky01gt - Great suggestion. I've added it to our feature request tool to see what other users think.

Feel free to vote for it there.

Unknown said...

I transitioned years ago from collecting comic books to collecting video games. This feature was available on years ago and I used it... until I plugged in the true price I paid for a European (UK) X-Men comic I paid $4 for which they had listed as being in existence yet with N/A value for lack of information. I wasn't too bugged until one day over a year later they set all the values for all but #1 (not the one I had) at $4. This comic was huge in size compared to the US version which only came out 3 months earlier and was worth over $120 with a bigger print run. I was pissed, tossed it on eBay starting 1 cent to prove a point... final price was just over $75. Not in as much demand as the US version for sure, yet not the $4 their limited information showed.

Please don't base obscure game values on the yardsale price (or devided bulk price) that we collectors put into our price paid spot.

JJ said...

@unknown - Thanks for that feedback. We never will use the price paid data in our value calculations. That is for user reference only. We know that those prices can vary a TON based on lots of different factors and the price paid is not always the value.

Anonymous said...

Nice feature, thanks!
Have an issue: I've selected EUR currency in my Account, but "Cost" is still in USD.

I've entered that Metroid costs me a 25 EUR but in my collection I see: "Your Cost: €22.54"

JJ said...

@anonymous - Thanks for this feedback. Please vote for this issue in our feature request tool.

Your vote helps us prioritize these requests

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