Sunday, August 18, 2019

Record Cost Basis for Game Collection Items

You can now record the amount you paid for items in your collection and view it along with the current value.

Two ways to do it.

* On desktop, view your collection items and enter the amount paid in the correct column.

* On mobile, click on the 'edit details' on the item and enter the amount paid in the correct field.


Unknown said...

Will you add this to the export?

JJ said...

@unknown - At some point yes it will be included in the export. It is not included now though.

FFTW said...

this is a pretty nice feature,but please make it so we can gather stuff together and add one price,for when we buy a haul of different things. i do that a lot,and some cant really be easily divided per item (a purchase of a system with games and accessories for x price for example),so putting the price for the whole haul makes far more sense :)

also, please add the MSX and MSX2. been requesting them for years lol. pretty sure they were more popular than the Arcadia 2001 or the Bally Astrocade XD.

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