Thursday, December 13, 2018

You Can Contribute to PriceCharting

Many of our users help us fix data or cover art mistakes on the site. They used to email us and wait for us to make the fix. Now users can edit data themselves.

You can apply to be Contributors and get permissions to improve PriceCharting for everyone.

As a contributor you can:

Edit Most Game Data (like UPC, publisher, release date, etc)

Edit/Add Cover Art

Add Extra Images of Games (cartridge, disc, circuit board, artbook, etc)

Extra Game Images

For this new feature we added a section for additional photos of games. Instead of just showing cover art, you can see the cartridge/disc, circuit boards, limited edition pack-ins, etc. If you have any of this data and we are missing it, please add it yourself. We're working to add lots of the images on our end too.

If additional images are available, a "+ X more photos" message appears next to the cover art. Clicking that takes you directly to the other images.

See these images in action

For data security reasons, we're only accepting long time users who visit the site frequently. We don't want new users trolling the site and breaking stuff :)

Admin are notified of every change and can revert them easily if needed and revoke contribution permissions if needed.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

How to Find Game Lists & Prices by Publisher

Do you have a favorite video game publisher? Nintendo, Rockstar, Atlus, Konami, etc.

You can search PriceCharting by Publisher to find all their games and their prices.

Want to collect of every Capcom game? Add the Capcom games to your collection with one click and see which Capcom games are missing from your collection in a quick glance.

We're working to add the same feature for game developers but we need to add more data points to our database before we are ready to launch it. If you want to help, contact us and we an give you access to edit the database.

Please give us your feedback on this new feature.

Multi Disc Game List

We also added a list of every multi-disc game for every console.

Use this as a quick tool to make sure games you find are complete with all the discs.

The "Item Details" section on every disc game page lists the number of discs included.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Price Skyrockets After Backward Compatibility

On August 28th, 2018 Microsoft added backward compatibility for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox One.

The number of units sold on eBay increased 11,500% that day to 254 complete in box units sold.

As the supply on eBay dropped the price started increasing. Prices went from an average of $4 before the announcement to $12.77 today.

Unit sales have since cooled down, but they are still roughly 8x higher per day then before the announcement.

Microsoft said Modern Warfare 2 was their top backward compatibility request. The sales numbers show just how popular it was. Maybe Activision should re-release the game at retail, but I'm sure they don't want nine year old game canabalizing sales of Black Ops 4?

Source: The units sold come from eBay sales records and the values come from PriceCharting historic prices for Modern Warfare 2. New and disc only versions were excluded to standardize price comparison on different days.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Added All PAL PS1 & PAL PS3 Games

We've added all of the PAL (European) Playstation 1 and PAL Playstation 3 games to the site.

We have values and images for more than 90% of these games at this time with more to follow as we see sales data.

You can see prices for rare PAL exclusives like Yattaman, Rapid Reload and Hellnight.

Learn more about PAL exclusives you might want to try out with this video courtesy of MetalJesus

The Playstation 3 has it's share of PAL exclusives too and some of them are pretty valuable as well (like Ra.One). A few are more valuable in PAL then they are in NTSC region (No More Heroes and Legend of Heroes)

Friday, June 22, 2018

Wishlist Feature on PriceCharting

We've added a Wishlist feature to PriceCharting.

You can add and remove video games from your wishlist with one click on any game page, browse by console page, or search result.

See a list of all of your wishlist items and remove any you no longer want.

Share your wishlist with others so your friends, spouse, mom, or grandma knows what you want.

If you add a game to your collection, it is automatically removed from your wishlist (you can add it back in with one click if you want multiple copies).

See some screenshots below showing how to use the "+Wishlist" buttons and where they are on the page.

+Wishlist Buttons

Already Added to Wishlist

Removed from Wishlist When Added to Collection

+Wishlist on Mobile Devices

Friday, June 8, 2018

eBay Redirecting Closed Listing Links

ebay redirecting closed listing links

People have emailed me asking about eBay links to closed listings that have started redirecting to different - active - listings instead of showing the listing you expected.

See example:
EarthBound SNES Original Authentic Tested Working Near Mint *Board Pics*

This is a change on eBay's end. We have tried to find a work around without success.

eBay is doing this on all external links to their closed listings and even some of their own internal links to closed listings. It appears to be a test though because it doesn't always happen.

I think this is a horrible user experience. Users click a link to a particular listing for a reason, but eBay decides you shouldn't actually go to that page, you should go somewhere else instead. There are many reasons users want to see a closed listing but eBay limits that ability.

What you Can Do. How to Contact eBay

If you don't like this behavior, we encourage you to contact eBay and tell them. The more people they hear from the more likely they are to fix this.

Here are ways you can contact eBay.

Call eBay support at: 1 (866) 540-3229
Email: Message or Tweet to: @AskEbay on Twitter
Message eBay Facebook

Example message:
I recently noticed that all external links to closed listings are being redirected to active listings. The same thing is happening with some internal links to closed listings too. Please stop doing this.

Every time I make a purchase on eBay I'll search through completed listings to see what it is worth and compare the condition of sold listings to an item I'm interested in buying. Or I search for a rare item on Google and find an old eBay sale. This is much harder now because those links to the closed listings redirect me to an active listing instead.

If I click a link to a closed listing there is a reason I clicked on it, I don’t want to see a different listing. This change makes it harder for me, and other users, to make buying decisions on eBay. Please stop doing this. Please revert to the old behavior where clicking a link to a closed listing actually showed that listing.

Thank you

JJ Hendricks

Thursday, May 3, 2018

15 Rare Super Nintendo Games | Most Expensive SNES Games

Originally Published: Sept 25, 2009.
Updated: May 3, 2018

Most Expensive Super Nintendo Games
The Super Nintendo has a ton of rare video games and quite a few super expensive games too. Below is a list of the rarest and most expensive Super Nintendo games and what makes them so valuable.

The list is ranked by highest recorded loose cartridge price.

Click for Prices For All Super Nintendo Games

Nintendo Powerfest 1994

Nintendo Powerfest 1994 SNES PricesNew Price: N/A | Used Price: $23,000 | See Current Prices
Powerfest 1994 was a nation wide video game competition Nintendo hosted to market their Super Nintendo console. For this competition Nintendo made a unique cartridge with three games on it. The game had Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, and Ken Griffey Jr Baseball on it. Players would compete to get a high score by beating the first level of Mario World, finishing the first track of Mario Kart, and hitting as many home runs as possible in Ken Griffey.

Only two of these cartridges are known to exist today. All the rest were destroyed by Nintendo after the competition was finished. The first cartridge was originally found at a epic garage sale and then sold for $10,000 to a collector. The second cartridge was sold on eBay for $23,000.

Nintendo Campus Challenge 1992

Nintendo Campus Challenge 1992New Price: N/A | Used Price: $4,000 | See Current Prices
Nintendo sponsored a video game competiton on 60 college campus in the US. Competitors had a fixed time to get 50 coins in Super Mario World, complete two laps in F-Zero, and lang targets in Pilot Wings. An overall score was calculated and a nationwide winner was determined. In order to run this competition Nintendo made custom SNES cartridges.

All of these cartridges were supposed to be recycled by Nintendo after the event, but only two NTSC versions of the game exist. One was found at an the same garage sale mentioned above and the other was kept by an employee helping with the original event.

Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge

Donkey Kong Country Competition SNES PricesNew Price: N/A | Used Price: $1,425 | See Current Prices
In 1995 Blockbuster held the "Blockbuster Video Game Championship II" at all their stores across the world. As part of this competition Nintendo made a special Donkey Kong Country cartridge (a Sega Genesis game was made for this competition too). DKC Competition has eight levels and only allows five minutes of play before giving a score. High Scorers at each store were given prizes and eventually a winner was crowned in San Francisco.

After the competition was completed the cartridge was sold through the Nintendo Power catalog. The description in the catalog said 2,500 copies were made.

Exertainment Mountain Bikerally & Speed Racer

Exertainment SNES PricesNew Price: $4,800 | Used Price: $1,300 | See Current Prices
Nintendo and LifeFitness teamed up to develop a stationary bike that was compatible with Super Nintendo games. You would pedal the bike and move your character faster on the game and could steer using specially designed controllers that attached to the handle bars. Only two games were developed for the bike though: Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally and Exertainment Bike Rally & Speed Racer combo.

The combination cartridge was officially licensed by Nintendo but never made it to stores. Most of the copies available today were found at a Nintendo warehouse. The exact number of copies available isn't known, but there are probably fewer than 1,000 to 2,000.

MACS Multipurpose Arcade Combat Simulator

MACS SNES PricesNew Price: N/A | Used Price: $1,200 | See Current Prices
M.A.C.S. (Multipurpose Arcade Combat Simulator) was developed for the US Army to help train soldiers on M16 accuracy. The game included a gun that was identical in weight and size to a real M16, but uses the same technology as the Super Scope so it can be used on a TV.

The exact number of copies originally made is unknown. The game comes up for sale very infrequently but when it does, it fetches top dollar. The last sale was for $1,200.

Starfox Super Weekend Competition Cartridge

Starfox Super Weekend SNES PricesNew Price: N/A | Used Price: $1,100 | See Current Prices
Another cartridge made for a Nintendo competition. The Starfox Competition cartridge was hosted at toy stores across the country when StarFox was released on the Super Nintendo in 1993. The game allows only four minutes of play time and includes three levels. Two of the levels are shortened versions of Corneria and Asteroids, but the third is a level designed just for the cartridge.

After the competition was complete Nintendo sold the cartridges to Nintendo Power subscribers through a catalog. The game sold for $45 when original released and now sells for $400. There are roughly 2,000 copies assuming Nintendo only made enough for the stores that held the competition. That makes it the rarest officially released game on this list.

Aero Fighters

Aero Fighters SNES PricesNew Price: $4,200 | Used Price: $627 | See Current Prices
Aero Fighters is a vertical side-scrolling shoot-em up. You control a fighter jet from one of four countries (USA, Japan, Sweden, and UK) and shoot your way through seven stages. After beating these stages the difficulty level gets much harder as you play through again.

Aero Fighters was one of only two games released by publisher Mc O'River. They released Hyper V-Ball for Super Nintendo in June 1994 and Aero Fighters in November 1994. V-Ball is easy to find but Aero Fighters is extrememly rare.

Hagane: The Final Conflict

Hagane Super Nintendo PricesNew Price: $500 | Used Price: $100 | See Current Prices
Hagane is a side-scrolling action game for the Super Nintendo and very similar to the Ninja Gaiden series. The game is extremely difficult and does not have a save feature, which only adds to the difficulty. You need to beat the game in one sitting.

Hagane was only available at Blockbuster stores so not as many copies were produced as wide-release games.

Pocky & Rocky 2

Pocky & Rocky 2 SNES PricesNew Price: $1,700 | Used Price: $270 | See Current Prices
Pocky & Rocky 2 is an action game with many elements from shoot-em up games. Enemies and bosses appear on the screen and you shoot in one of 8 directions to kill them. Unlike most shoot-em up games, you don't control an airplane. You instead control a human, Pocky, or one of several player 2 options.

Pocky & Rocky 2 was released in November 1994 and is a sequel to Pocky & Rocky for SNES. Like many sequels for the Super NES, it is harder to find than the original and fetches a premium price too.

Final Fight Guy

Final Fight Guy SNES PricesNew Price: $1,900 | Used Price: $230 | See Current Prices
Final Fight was a launch title for Super Nintendo in 1991. Final Fight Guy was released three years in 1994 with a few minor changes. The character Cody was replaced with Guy and four difficulty settings were added.

Final Fight Guy was originally available as a rental only through Blockbuster Video. It later received a limited release for sale, but the limited distribution makes the game hard to find today.

Metal Warriors

Metal Warriors SNES PricesNew Price: $2,500 | Used Price: $205 | See Current Prices
Metal Warriors is a side scrolling platformer. You play as a human who controls a mech and fights other mechs. You can exit your mech at times to get into smaller areas and switch to different mechs.

Metal Warriors was released exclusive in North America in 1995. It never received a Japanese or PAL release.

Mega Man X3

Mega Man X3 SNES PricesNew Price: $1,400 | Used Price: $203 | See Current Prices
Mega Man X3 is an action platformer similar to the standard Mega Man series. You play 8 different levels in the order you desire and get special weapons from beating each stage. Like Mega Man X2, X3 included a Cx4 chip which allowed it to display some 3D vector graphics, an advanced feature for the time.

Capcom produced limited quantities of Mega Man X3 after supply and demand in balances in fall of 1995. X3 launched with a premium price of $74 (compared to $50 for most SNES games). Both of these factors make Mega Man X3 a rare title today.

Wild Guns

Wild Guns SNES PricesNew Price: $850 | Used Price: $185 | See Current Prices
Wild Guns is a sci-fi/western themed shooting gallery game. You move a cursor around the screen to shoot at enemies. It is similar to light gun games but you use the controller to aim and must dodge the enemy attacks.

Wild Guns was released in fall of 1995 after a delay from fall of 1994. The delay came at the last minute because reviews for the game came out in 1994. It was considered one of the best shooters on the SNES and remains a cult classic for a very niche genre.

Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus

Bronkie SNES PricesNew Price: $330 | Used Price: $180 | See Current Prices
Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus is an educational platformer. The game tries to teach kids abou asthma while playing. The world is covered in dust causing asthma in the dinosaurs. The characters can get short of breath from cigarette smoke and furry animals. At times you are taught how to use an inhaler and quizzed on facts about people with asthma.

The odd premise of the game probably limited sales when it released late in 1995. The game received poor reviews and is not very good, but that doesn't lower its price any for collectors.


Earthbound Super Nintendo PricesNew Price: $455 | Used Price: $129 | See Current Prices
Earthbound is a cult classic RPG for the Super Nintendo. It has a very devoted following of fans who go to great lengths to buy the game and its sequels (both of which were unreleased in the USA but fully translated by fans). The game is full of funny characters, interesting dialog, and uses unconventional weapons like yo-yos and frying pans.

The game has never been re-released on virtual console or available anywhere but the Super Nintendo. The unique nature of the game makes it very popular with collectors while the devoted following keeps supply low. Both of which keep this game selling for more than $120.

Super Turrican 2

Super Turrican 2 SNES PricesNew Price: $500 | Used Price: $90 | See Current Prices
Super Turrican 2 is an action game, very similar to Contra. You get gun upgrades to improve your weapons and defeat bosses at the end of each level. The game was released during Christmas 1995, near the end of the Super Nintendo's life.

Because it was released so late in the console's life it didn't sell that well, but is still well regarded by collectors. The game has been re-released on the Wii Virtual Console in 2008 but resale prices have only increased since then.

Other Expensive Super Nintendo Games

See What Your Games Are Worth

Click for Prices For All Super Nintendo Games

Read about the 12 rarest video games of all has daily updated prices for every SNES game and most Super Nintendo consoles and accessories. Our Super Nintendo price list includes more than 730 games.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

We've Added Famicom & Super Famicom Games with Their Prices

famicom console

super famicom console
Super Famicom

We've added a complete list of Famicom games to PriceCharting. We have cover art and prices for almost every single game.

We've also added a full list of Super Famicom games along with their cover artwork and current value.

If you see any mistakes or missing games, please let me know. These lists are new and I'm not a native Japanese speaker so mistakes could happen.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Power Player's NES Collector's Guide on Kickstarter

A friend and fellow collector (PowerPlayers on NintendoAge) is launching a Kickstarter for a NES Collector's Guide Book.

It will be roughly the size of an NES box (5"x7"), which makes it easy to store with NES collections and portable enough to bring out hunting for games.

The book will include every licensed, unlicensed, and variant and includes cover art photos and cartridge photos too.

The Power Players NES Collectors Guide is only $15 for the softcover, and $25 for the hardcover edition and is taking preorders right now on Kickstarter.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Coleco Mini Arcade Tabletop Prices Have Been Added

We've add a list of Coleco's Mini Arcade Tabletop machines to PriceCharting and we're tracking their prices.

I had Pac-Man when I was a kid, but haven't played one in years. Which is your favorite?

Bit of a cultural reference. These are all featured in the background of Angry Video Game Nerd videos.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

PriceCharting is in German, French, Spanish & More Languages

Prix pour jeu vidéo

Preise für Videospiele

PriceCharting is available in multiple languages now.

You can change the language in the footer.

Change The Currency for all Prices on PriceCharting

You can now change the currency our prices are displayed in.

You can choose between:

  • US Dollars (USD)
  • Canadian Dollars (CAD)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • British Pounds (GBP)
  • Australian Dollars (AUD)
  • Mexican Peso (MXN)
  • Brazilian Real (BRL)

Your selection will be remembered in your browser for future visits.

USD is the default and all marketplace purchases are still paid in USD.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Added Game & Watch List with Prices

We've added every Game & Watch handheld to our database with images and prices.

Some of the Game & Watch's are quite valuable now. They routinely sell for more than $100 each, with one even selling for more than $1,000 brand new.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Add Games to a Collection Even Faster

We've made it easier to add games to your collection and edit games in your collection.

You can add a game to your collection with one-click.

Hover your mouse over the "+collection" button
Then choose "one click" option

The game will be added to your collection with "game only" default and "normal wear" condition.

You can still still the "with details" option if you want to add photos, set specific conditions, or add a description.

You can change what you have included with the game (game, box, or manual) with one click as well.

On your collection page, simply click the checkbox for what you have and toggle it on and off.

The value will update in the background, but not immediately on the page.

You can still import your entire collection automatically to add lots of games at one time.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Embed Marketplace Listings Anywhere

Easily embed your video game listings anywhere online.

Copy three lines of code and paste it anywhere online (on your own website, blog, etc) and show your listings with the world.

You can customize what listings are shown. Show only your listings. Show listings for specific consoles. Show only specific games. Change the sort order. Customize it however you want or use the default settings.

You can also customize the appearance. Change the width and height. Change the border and background colors. Even choose between gallery view vs list view.

There are many ways to embed the listings.

* If you own a game store, list the games on our marketplace and then you can post your inventory to your website.

* Post your inventory in the signature of your favorite collecting forum.

* Post your listings on your Facebook page with the Static HTML App

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Box and Manual Prices for Video Games

We're displaying "box only" and "manual only" prices for games.

Mobile and desktop users will be able to see these prices while browsing a game page (like this one for Super Mario 64).

Desktop users will see the prices like this:

Like all the other conditions, you can see the sales history for box only and manual only by clicking their tab.

For some games like Stunt Racer for Nintendo 64, the instruction manual is actually worth more than the game....Stunt Racer was a Blockbuster exclusive so most of the manuals were destroyed by renters long ago, which makes the manual and box very hard to find.



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