Friday, March 2, 2018

Add Games to a Collection Even Faster

We've made it easier to add games to your collection and edit games in your collection.

You can add a game to your collection with one-click.

Hover your mouse over the "+collection" button
Then choose "one click" option

The game will be added to your collection with "game only" default and "normal wear" condition.

You can still still the "with details" option if you want to add photos, set specific conditions, or add a description.

You can change what you have included with the game (game, box, or manual) with one click as well.

On your collection page, simply click the checkbox for what you have and toggle it on and off.

The value will update in the background, but not immediately on the page.

You can still import your entire collection automatically to add lots of games at one time.


Unknown said...

Game changer!!! ( no pun intended) thank you so much for updating this awesome tool!

JJ said...

@Nicholas - Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like the collection tool so much.

Unknown said...

How to look up ps3 with model number?

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