Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Chart Showing Historic Collection Cost & Profit

You can now see your collection's historic cost and profit.

See how much you've invested into your collection every month and watch to see how the overall profit has changed over time too. (I don't input cost on my admin test collection so the chart is a bit boring for me).

This goes along with the recent addition to show current total cost and profit, but the historic data gives you more context.

The historic data is only available to premium subscribers at this time. We've been storing this data though for all users since October 2021. So if you decide to subscribe you will see all your historic data, not just data since you subscribed.

Visit your collection page and try it out.
Click "Cost" or "Profit" in the chart to view the data.
You might need to toggle off the "Value" line to see more detail in the cost and profit lines.



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