Tuesday, March 29, 2022

PriceCharting Has Comic Book Prices

We've added comic book prices to PriceCharting!

You can view ungraded and grade specific prices for thousands of comic book issues for all the most popular series. Amazing Spider-man, Incredible Hulk, Batman, and more.

Like all our other collectible categories on PriceCharting, you can see prices, sales data, and charts of historic prices for every issue.

Add Comic Books to your collection just as you would games or cards and track their value over time. Give it a try!

Already tracking your comic collection somewhere else? Import the entire collection into PriceCharting with our collection importer.

We'll continue to add more issues, variants, and other features for comics too.

Thank you for using PriceCharting.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Search Pokemon Cards By Photo

Sometimes it can be tricky knowing the exact Pokemon card you have. You can read our guide to identifying your cards or you can now search with a Pokemon card photo. Follow these directions to search for cards with just a photo.

Click the Camera icon on the Pokemon Card main page (or at the top of any other page).

Click Camera Icon
Click the Camera Icon

Click 'Take Photo' button
Click 'Take Card Photo' button
Click 'Take Photo Button'

Confirm the photo and change orientation if needed.
Confirm Photo
Confirm photo and orientation

Wait for a bit photo processing (the servers are working hard).
Processing Photo
Wait a bit for card processing

See matching cards. The top match is the first card and larger image. Other possible matches are shown too.
Best Matching Cards
See possible matches

Click the matching card to see price details or add it to your collection.
Click to See Card Details and Price
Click to see card prices

This only works with Pokemon cards right now and the tool is in beta. In our tests the correct card was found 96% of the time (one of the top three results). To improve results take photos with a clear background and the card itself filling up most of the photo.

Please give us your feedback in the comments below. We'd love to hear how the tool works for you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Revised Site Structure, Menu and Search

As PriceCharting has grown to cover trading cards, sports cards, and comics, in addition to video games, our user base has changed too. We made some small changes to the site to help users find the prices and data they are looking for.

Redesigned Menu

redesigned menu

The menu has been updated to link to categories of collectibles. You can still get to specific video game consoles by hovering/clicking on the brand then choosing your console from the list.

Gamers can also click "video games" link and choose the exact console they want.

Other collectors can quickly find their collectible of choice now too.

Company Specific Pages for Video Games

browse consoles by brand

From the menu, users can select a company and find one page with all the platforms released by that company. Nintendo, Atari, Playstation, Xbox, etc.

That page lists all the consoles for every region so you can quickly find the platform your interested in.

Find Platform Page with Search

find a specific system

There is a new tool on the video game category page and the company specific pages too. You can start typing part of a console name and quickly be taken to that specific console page.

Type "3ds" and choose the one you want from the list. And you are taken directly to the Nintendo 3DS game list.

Filter Searches by Category

search results

Searches can return results from multiple categories, but some users are only interested in a particular category. Search results are now easier to view and filter by category.

All results are color coded to make it easy to glance through results to find the category you are looking for. Games are red, trading cards are green, and comics are yellow.

The ability to filter results by category is always visible and just one-click away. "All" results is the default, but clicking on "Comics" or "Video Games" would filter the results to just that category.

This selection is persistant on your account/device. Filter by your favorite category once, and all future searches are filtered too. For example, if you only collect video games, filter results to "Video Games" once and all future results will show only video games unless you change it back.

Filter Searches by Other Metrics Too

You can still filter search results by console, region, and variant too. Just click the "Sort/Filter" header (or the little "+" symbol next to it) and you can choose other methods to sort and filter your results.

As always, please let us know what you think about these changes in the comments below. Thanks for using PriceCharting.



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