Monday, August 27, 2018

Added All PAL PS1 & PAL PS3 Games

We've added all of the PAL (European) Playstation 1 and PAL Playstation 3 games to the site.

We have values and images for more than 90% of these games at this time with more to follow as we see sales data.

You can see prices for rare PAL exclusives like Yattaman, Rapid Reload and Hellnight.

Learn more about PAL exclusives you might want to try out with this video courtesy of MetalJesus

The Playstation 3 has it's share of PAL exclusives too and some of them are pretty valuable as well (like Ra.One). A few are more valuable in PAL then they are in NTSC region (No More Heroes and Legend of Heroes)


Dave W said...

Oh god, can MetalJesus just go away already, my god. It's bad enough he slums for views on AA, but his video thumbnails give me douchechills.

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Is there any more PAL stuff coming soon?

JJ said...

@anonymous - Yes, more PAL stuff is coming soon. We are working on Gameboy Color and Nintendo DS now. They are getting close to having enough price coverage to make them worth going live with.

Which consoles would you choose to add next?

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