Thursday, December 13, 2018

You Can Contribute to PriceCharting

Many of our users help us fix data or cover art mistakes on the site. They used to email us and wait for us to make the fix. Now users can edit data themselves.

You can apply to be Contributors and get permissions to improve PriceCharting for everyone.

As a contributor you can:

Edit Most Game Data (like UPC, publisher, release date, etc)

Edit/Add Cover Art

Add Extra Images of Games (cartridge, disc, circuit board, artbook, etc)

Extra Game Images

For this new feature we added a section for additional photos of games. Instead of just showing cover art, you can see the cartridge/disc, circuit boards, limited edition pack-ins, etc. If you have any of this data and we are missing it, please add it yourself. We're working to add lots of the images on our end too.

If additional images are available, a "+ X more photos" message appears next to the cover art. Clicking that takes you directly to the other images.

See these images in action

For data security reasons, we're only accepting long time users who visit the site frequently. We don't want new users trolling the site and breaking stuff :)

Admin are notified of every change and can revert them easily if needed and revoke contribution permissions if needed.


Anonymous said...

Would be nice to be able to add games that are missing, especially foreign releases.

JJ said...

@anonymous - We plan to add this capability in the near future.

((( airWave ))) said...

When adding the the capability to add new games, it would be awesome to add a switch region on our private collection. For example, I've added my xbox game (all pal), but only ntsc prices are available. When PAL prices becomes available, I would love to simply go to my xbox game and switch region instead of adding them again one by one (and removing the others). Also, a search function just for the collection would be awesome. Keep up the good work, guys

JJ said...

@airwave - Good feedback and feature suggestion. I'll look into ways to do that when we add Switch and Xbox games to the site. Not sure if it is feasible because of some stuff on the backend, but if it isn't possible then I'll suggest another way for people to move items to different region.

Mykee said...

The game "Candle" for Nintendo Switch has a full title, it's called "Candle: The Power of the Flame". You also don't have the Signature Edition version in your database.

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