Tuesday, February 12, 2019

We've Added Nintendo Power Prices

We're tracking the prices for all Nintendo Power Issues. From Volume 1 to Volume 285.

You can find the latest prices and add the issues to your collection too.

Who here owns the entire Nintendo Power collection?

Anyone collect other gaming magazines like EGM, Game Informer, GamePro, or Sega Visions? Let me know which you collect in the comments below.


Nathan said...

I collect gamepro

Unknown said...

Have a collection of EGM, Die hard game fan,Next Generation, nintendo force, and video games and computer entertainment. I had a FULL collection of NP ,but stupidly sold all of them for next to nothing. :(

BlazingSalvo said...

Anyone know which issues had the VHS tapes? (HotNewz64)
Would you mark that one as "CIB"? ;)

JJ said...

CIB doesn't really apply for Nintendo Power. Nintendo Power didn't have boxes or instructions so that price point doesn't really apply. We've considered making CIB into something a bit different for magazines like "includes inserts". That is a pretty common difference in the magazines, but we haven't implemented that yet.

How many NP issues had VHS tapes?

Xenosns said...

Would there be any interest in tracking Limited Run Games collectible cards? There are a lot of them being sold separately from their games on ebay.

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