Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Than 1,100 Playstation Games in Database

PS1 Game PricesYesterday we added a little more than 400 Playstation games and prices to our database. That brings our total number to: 1,133 PS1 Games. You should be able to find daily updated prices on almost every Playstation 1 game released in the US (I'm sure there are a few that slipped through the cracks, let me know if you find any we are missing).

This new round of of updates brings our video game total to 9,893 games. We are now working to add any missing SNES games so you will get updates on all Super Nintendo game prices too.

After adding the Super NES games, our database will most likely exceed 10,000 games!! And thanks to a suggestion from TanookiTravis over at GameGym, I think we will have some sort of party.


Anonymous said...

did you know Sony is not earning anything on the Playstation 3, also I just saw this http://www.desktopexchange.com/gallery/Video-Game-Wallpapers
just a tip for some game images, but the Sony thing is for real.

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