Thursday, May 5, 2022

Sell 270+ Games in Less Than 3 Months on PriceCharting: Tips from the Seller

JonsGames joined PriceCharting 3 months ago to sell some of his game collection. In less than 90 days he's sold more than 270 games on PriceCharting with almost perfect feedback.

What's his selling secret?

Place User Name in Every Photo in Every Listing

Every single listing JonsGames posts includes a photo of the actual item AND his user name written on a piece of paper. Most listings have multiple photos. The photo helps buyers know two things.

* Buyers can see exactly what they will be getting.
* Buyers know the seller actually has that game in his possession (photo wasn't taken off the internet).

Both of these reduce buyer's fear/risk of being scammed so they are more likely to buy.

Sell with Low Prices

Almost every item JonsGames sells is priced around 90% of the market price.

PriceCharting doesn't charge any marketplace fees so JonsGames saves money compared to other marketplaces. He passes almost all of those savings onto the buyers. In exchanage JonsGames sells more stuff.

Buyers are always looking to find a deal. PriceCharting has tons of collectors with games/cards in their wishlists. We notify those users when a seller posts an item for sale with a good price. Using discounted prices puts a listing in front of more eyeballs and often leads to sales minutes after posting the item.

Give Great Customer Service After the Sale

JonsGames says his philosphy as a seller is the golden rule. "Treat others the way you want to be treated".

He's bought games online before. He knows what he likes as a buyer. So he does that for his customers.


* Ships quickly (usually the same or next day)
* Communicates frequently by uploading tracking, emailing if there is a delay, etc
* Fixes any problems when they happen. Mistakes inevitably happen. When they have he's fixed the problems quickly so the customer was happy.

JonsGames says he's received emails from buyers "thanking me for giving them the chance to relive there childhoods and play with there kids and to me that’s worth more then the cash."
Great customer service leads to repeat buyers and great feedback ratings. Great feedback gives new buyers even more confidence to buy.

I personally want to say "thank you" to JonsGames for making PriceCharting marketplace a better place to buy/sell with fellow collectors and mom-n-pop stores.

You can see JonsGames current listings and give his games a great new home.


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