Friday, May 6, 2022

Search Comic Books by Photo

Sometimes it can be tricky knowing the exact Comic Book you have. The issue number might not be prominent or the year published is hidden. Or it just takes too long typing out the name. You can now search with a photo of your comic book instead.

Follow these directions to search for comics with just a photo.

Click the Camera icon on the Comic Book main page (or at the top of any other page).

Click Camera Icon
Click the Camera Icon

Click 'Take Photo' button.
Click 'Take Photo' button
Click 'Take Photo Button'

Confirm the photo and change orientation if needed. Accuracy is higher if the photo is oriented correctly.
Confirm Photo
Confirm photo and orientation

Wait for a bit while photo is processing (the servers are working hard).
Processing Photo
Wait a bit for comic processing

See matching comics. The top match is the first comic and larger image. Other possible matches are shown too.
Best Matching Cards
See possible matches

Click the matching comic to see price details, add it to your collection, or view the graded POP data.
Click to See Card Details and Price
Click to see comic prices

This only works with Comic Books and Pokemon cards right now and the tool is in beta. In our tests the correct issue was found 94% of the time (one of the top three results). We continue to add more comics to the site and more variants too. The tool will work with cover variants too.

To improve results take photos with a clear background and the cover itself filling up most of the photo.

Please give us your feedback in the comments below. We'd love to hear how the tool works for you.

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Megabyte2k4 said...

LOVE this update! This is exactly what is needed, especially for the comic book section, since it's hard to know which variant cover or whatnot you have. Thanks for this update, guys! Keep it up!

Tom said...

Thanks, really amazing job and useful feature.

Anonymous said...

Amazing update. Will you expose this feature on the API? (Is the API even maintained btw?)

JJ said...

Glad you all like this feature.

@anonymous - We will not be exposing this feature on the API, at least we don't have any plans to do so. The API is maintained and updated and working.

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