Friday, July 15, 2011

Reporting Incorrect Prices

At Price Charting, accurate prices are very important to us. We've spent a lot of effort developing pricing algorithms that work well in thin markets like those for video games and movies. Last summer, we added a feature to let visitors report bad eBay auctions to us. We appreciate all the reports you've sent. We try to remove those auctions from our database within 24 hours.

Today we've released a feature that lets you notify us about an error in our calculated prices. When viewing a game or movie page, you'll see a small menu icon next to the used price and the new price:

Clicking the menu icon displays a menu with two options: Report this price as incorrect and How is this price calculated?

The second option opens our Methodology page explaining how we calculate prices. The first option notifies us that you think this price is wrong. After you've reported the price to us, we show the price crossed out so you know that we got the report.

We'll take a look at these possible price errors, evaluate the raw data in our database and make corrections if necessary. At the moment, there's no way for you to provide a detailed description of why you think the price is wrong. If that's a feature you'd like to see, let us know in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

Zelda twilight princess
Nintendo selects is incorrect

Anonymous said...

I've fixed this now.

Anonymous said...

Xtreme express pal is incorrect

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