Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rare BioShock Audio Diary: Only 4 Ever Made

An owner of one of the four BioShock Audio Diaries is selling it on eBay.

Ubisoft made four of these real Audio Diaries as part of a BioShock 2 viral marketing campaign. The devices are used in the game to advance the plot or expand the narrative and this real life version is an accurate reproduction with actual audio recorded on it.

This is a very rare piece of gaming memorablia. It will be interesting to see the final price. Right now it is $830 with four days remaining.

Here is what the audio diary looks like in the game:
The marketing campaign started with a website showing some puzzles. People who solved the puzzles and mailed letters to the address contained in them would receive packages with masks or pages ripped from a book. Sometimes people would be told to meet an actor nearby who would give more clues and pieces. It was a very involved marketing campaign.

The owner of this BioShock Audio Diary solved a puzzle and sent it to Ubisoft. A month later he received a page torn from a book and then an actor dressed as a boyscout from BioShock presented him with a telegraph telling him to meet at a storage location with the code below deciphered.
At the storage location the owner and three other people received the Audio Diaries. Each one has this recorded on it:

My pawns, you have played masterfully. We have confounded(?) the Red Pawn in our tangled moves. Lynch is lost... but I at last am found. My hope restored. Now my pawns, if you are game, the game is on. The treasure that I stole from the kingdom shall be restored. Fallen Rapture may yet rise, and are we not worthy enough to raise it? If you dare to join me in Rapture, then I challenge you to meet me at the designated square. In the Golden State, in the city by the bay, when the month is 2, when the day is 6, when the hour is 5:45. At that precise moment in the evening, you will find me on Mary Street, between Minna Street and Natoma. Share this recording with the other pawns by any means you find.. and know that time is of the essence. Noble pawns, this is Orrin Oscar Lutwidge, one overjoyed leader, bound once again... for Rapture.

You can read more about the puzzle and the process from another winner at Nukezilla.


Anonymous said...

Who knows?! Nintendo Power's Howard NWC Package just went for 17k!

Anonymous said...

I thought your next post would have been Ducktales Remastered.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - Haha. I am excited for that game and love the original (the Moon Theme is one of my favorites music scores in a game), but it doesn't have as much to do with game collecting as this item.

So far DuckTales remastered has increased prices on the original as people get an itch to play the original after all the press the remastered version received.

Ok, maybe I will write an article about this after all. Short and sweet, but interesting.

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