Thursday, April 27, 2023

See Trading Card Population Reports

Pokemon Population Reports

We are now displaying graded population reports for trading cards including Pokemon, YuGiOh, Magic, and Garbage Pail Kids cards. You can now see the population/rarity of the card in a particular condition AND compare that along size the price data.

On cards that support the POP reports, there is a "POP Report" tab right below the prices box. Click that to view the report and visualize the graded cards.

Try it out on a few popular Charizard cards like Charizard #4 or Charizard VMAX #20.

We have thousands of cards with population reports already and we are adding more. We only display population data for popular and valuable cards - the cards that are worth getting graded. The population reports are very boring for common cards worth $0.25.

The graded population data comes from PSA (a big thank you to them for providing the data). We are in talks with other grading companies to get their data too so you can compare POP across vendors.


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