Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We Created a Sega 32X Page

Sega 32X
You have created a price list for all Sega 32X games.

For many years now we have been collecting prices on 32X games, but had grouped them with Sega Genesis because the Genesis is required to play 32X games. We treated it as a subsection of Genesis games with every item have 32X in the title.

Many users requested we separate the two and now we have done it.

Thank you for your steady stream of suggested features. It helps us improve the site and make it better for everyone.


Port said...

Are you planning any other splits?

Anonymous said...

Atlus is going through bankruptcy. Possibly selling off rights to games! Hopefully NIS buys them out.

JJ Hendricks said...

@port - Users have not requested any other splits so we are not planning any at this time. Is there another split you would like to see?

@anonymous - I read about Atlus's bankruptcy. It is their parent company and I don't know if it will affect Atlus game publishing. We will have to wait and see.

I'm pretty sure someone would want to buy them because I imagine their business is quite profitable.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Atlus and Index merger in 2010. I don't believe they are seperate entities anymore. I believe Atlus is just a brand they use now to sell Index(Atlus) games. If they were to get sold as a company, I think the would have to buy index to.

P.S. Marvelous owns NIS, Aksys, and a few more. So Marvelous would have to buy them out.

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