Monday, May 5, 2014

One Piece: Romance Dawn Is Rare with only 16,800 Units Available

February 2014 Namco Bandai released One Piece: Romance Dawn on Nintendo 3DS eShop, but they also produced a limited edition retail version. It was sold exclusively through Gamestop or Namco's website.

Every copy of the game came with a sequence number out of 16,800.

With only 16,800 copies made, One Piece Romance of Dawn will be one of the rarest 3DS games printed. And more than likely Bandai will not produce more.

If they had called it "limited edition" but gave no quantity indication there would be a good chance for a reprint if prices increased a lot. With a known quantity printed, this is much harder for them to do without everyone knowing a reprint happened.

Romance Dawn sold for $40 at retail price, but is now selling for $60.

Romance Dawn might be the Nintendo 3DS equivalent of One Piece Unlimited Adventure for Wii. Unlimited Adventure sells for $115 brand new, more than double the $50 retail price. This makes it one of the most expensive Wii games.


Anonymous said...

There's definitely a lot of rare handheld games in modern time. Diamond Trust London(5000), Class of Heros 2(2300), and now this one. I wonder if this going to be the new norm.

PBR Light said...

This a rare game for sure but I wonder how well it will hold its value. Are there enough one piece fans that bought a 3ds that want to play, at least from the reviews I have read, a mediocre game at best. There are also a large number of these available on ebay indicating that either people bought this and didn't like it or these games were mostly bought by speculators. I don't have much interest in playing this but it will be one to follow. What was the print run on cave story 3d out of curiosity? I very rarely see it at gamestop used and it is worth playing

Anonymous said...

I wonder if all publishers go this route in time. Releases game digitally and makes limited editions the physical game. Could be an interesting take on game sales.

JJ said...

@PBR_Light - the quality of the game is definitely a factor in the value. A rare game that is also a high quality game will have a much better resale value.

There are lots of examples of bad games with high values though like Bubble Bath Babes, Peek-a-Boo Poker, Hot Slots, Barbie Horse Adventures, NIV Bible, etc.

I don't know the number of units on Cave Story 3D but it is definitely hard to find. Look for it to be reprinted in the near future. It is easy money for NIS.

@anonymous - I could definitely see more games using the model of One Piece Romance Dawn and sell via eShop but have a limited edition physical copy. At some point games will go digital like movies and music have, but there will still be a market for collecting and I imagine publishers will want to tap that market for a little extra sales.

Port said...

Minimum DS/3DS production run is 6000 (a figure shared by the Diamond Trust guys). This may not turn out to be truly rare in the end, compared to other oddball titles like Tofu Collection on the DS. However, demand and perception of rarity will keep the price up. Copies will ultimately be easy to get as well.

Anonymous said...

Gaijinworks is kinda following this scheme. Class of Heroes 2G (PS3) due to be digital released this spring is accepting limited physical editions signup list.

Anonymous said...

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes coming to 3DS Nov 2014.

JJ said...

@anonymous - Good find. Anyone can vote on Gaijinworks website for a limited edition version of Class of Heroes 2G. They need 7,000 people to commit before they will make it.

Anonymous said...

i was wondering when you were going to put this one up.

For a bit there i thought you'd stopped updating the rarity lists.

JJ said...

@anonymous - We update the site with new releases every Monday. Sometimes these really small releases squeeze through the cracks. If you ever notice a missing title please let us know so we can add it.

The site is still maintained and we still keep it up to date.

We only update the 'Most Expensive' series of articles every two years or so. The accurate prices are listed on the site for every game on their individual game pages, but the articles are not constantly updated.

PBR Light said...

It looks like Cave Story 3d got a reprint. Gamestop has a ton in my area that are used. I have not seen these in person to know if they have the hologram cover or not

Anonymous said...

Class of Heroes 2G (PS3) pre order window is open. One month only or until sold out. Get it now or pay the price.

Unknown said...

Looks like this was also reprinted. Gamestop has copies at all locations near me and it's available online for the last few weeks.

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