Thursday, September 10, 2020

Collection Tracker Improvements

We've made some improvements to the collection tracking tools on PriceCharting to make it easier to use, more customizable, and added new capabilities too.

* Drop down to select what is 'Included': Instead of clicking multiple checkboxes for the game, box, or manual you now select what is included with a drop down menu. CIB condition used to take three clicks to select, now it takes two. New conditon used to take four clicks and now it takes two.

* Choose your default 'Included' when adding new items: You can now choose the default 'includes' to use when adding an item to your collection with one click. We used to default every new addition to 'Item only' but CIB collectors or New collectors would need to manually change every item. You can now set this default once and all new additions will use that instead.

You set this default with the 'Set Default' button on your collection page.

* 'Graded' Condition support: You can now select graded condition in the collection tracker. We've recorded graded prices for a while now, but you couldn't select that option in the collection tracker until now.

Unfortunately, a temporary side effect of this change is the collection value for a specific console is unavailable. This will last about a week while our servers recalculate those values for all accounts. Please be patient. That data is coming back soon and you will not lose any data in the meantime.


Alex said...
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jake024d said...

Nice improvements

Unknown said...

Nice improvements but "export collection" doesn't seem to work

FFTW said...

some games completely disappeared from my collection. they still are "in collection" when i check their page, and the count in the overall value counts them, but no matter how i sort my collection they never appear. major examples include Boxing for the Game and Watch and Kolibri for the 32X. please fix this. thanks.

JJ said...

@unknown - Thanks for info on export collection feature. I'll look into that today and hopefully fix it soon.

@anonymous - There isn't a way to opt-out but I definitely want to fix that issue you are having. What device are you using? Can you let me know the link to your collection too so I can look into that more.

@fftw - I'm looking into this issue with some collections. It should be only a temporary issue, item is still in your collection but I will look into it to see why those aren't showing up for you.

F4M1N3 said...

There are some issues with the updated interface. When viewing ones collection the option to filter by console now no longer has a drop down menu. You now have to type in which filters you wish to have applied including the "all" option.

JJ said...

F4M1N3 - working on a fix for that issue now. It should be ready in less than an hour.

zera32 said...

Export collection is working now, thanks.

Anonymous said...

would rather the old way. the drop down menus are annoying, before i could simply click any of the 3 (game/box/manual) then hit the enter button, now i have to find which of the like 7 options match then down to the bottom of the page and click (keyboard/mouse)'s taking longer and when your imputing 10, 20, 30 items that time adds up. i can no longer search by system, the only option is "all", both phone and PC are doing it and when it's simpler to just search mario and sort by system quickly then typing the full name of the game when doing quick searches for yardsales/flea markets/other, not having the system eats up time. this is most likely a bug though with the new update and not intended unlike those crap drop down boxes...............go ahead do a test of which is faster as a dev you should have access to both but do it like 30 times, i know i just had to with the collection i bought of around 50 games on a laptop (annoying doesn't cover it)

Anonymous said...

Don't care for this. Hope it gets changed back. Maybe in rare cases it will take 1 less click to add some things (and in most cases it will take 1 more click) but it's not as enjoyable to look at now and it's harder to scroll through a list to see what is missing. Don't see the benefit.

Super Wario said...

I can’t see my individual collection values anymore. I used to be able to pull down the ‘sort’ option and separate my collections. Please change that back. Thanks

JJ said...

@Super Wario - That feature didn't disappear but it was harder to understand. I've put a fix in place for that. Please try it out now. You can still filter by console by typing part of the console name ('64', 'super', etc) and then choosing the console from the list.

@anonymous - Thanks for the feedback on speed and your preferences. I've done a test on my end and drop down is faster in all cases. For desktop and mobile.
Mobile is similar speed on CIB but new method is faster for all other options.

Changing to 'CIB' before would take 2 checkbox clicks and moving the mouse into the checkboxes. Now it takes 1 click on drop down and then one keyboard letter. Click then 'c' is 'CIB'. Click then 'n' is New. Because you can use both hands it goes much faster.

On mobile, it is a less drastic improvement. It takes a slight adjustment to know where the correct item is in the dropdown. But the list never changes so after 2 drop downs I was doing it just as fast with CIB condition and faster with New and Graded and all others.

@anonymous - Visually I can understand what you are saying. I agree with that. Maybe I can find a way to show some visual indicator for what is included but changes are made via dropdown. I'll have to play around with that a bit.

Moofan said...

Wonderful update. Makes detailing new entries a breeze. Can't wait to see future updates.

Pastwithablastgaming said...

Great update, but my collection value under a single console still says temp unavailable, and now when I go to add a game under any console, it’s showing that I have no games in the collection. There in my collection, but not when I go to add a game. Will these two issues be fixed?

JJ said...

@Pat - The "temp unavailable" issue is a temporary one that we were aware of. It will be back and accurate early next week.

The orange vs blue colors on buttons was fixed just now. You will need to add an item to your collection and remove it again for it to work. This action clears the server memory for your collection.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dave W said...

Not sure the best place to make a suggestion, but here we go. Can we get a H icon or something similar next to games that are homwbrew/after market? The price lists are loaded with homebrews and with them being so price fixed, it really top loads the system lists with, in a lot of cades, junk. Since they wouldn't be there if there wasn't demand for their inclusion, can we get a differentiator? Same would be nice for system/accessories as well. Thanks for listening.

JJ said...

@Dave - Can you give me some examples of homebrew's without the [Homebrew] added at the end? We aim to mark all homebrew games with those words at the end so users know if they are homebrew.

Thanks for input on systems/accessories. You can filter to a specific genre, but we don't have a way to exclude certain genre's. I'll make a note about adding that.

Dave W said...

Thank you for replying! Since I mostly stick on the NES list, this is what I've found. To your point, most of the aftermarket titles are marked as such, looks just newer stuff/LRG stuff that missed the tags. Thank you for entertaining my anal retentiveness.

Galf [Gold]
Jay & Silent Bob Mall Brawl
NWC 25th Anniversary (More obvious that this is a rerelease)
Metal Storm Limited Run Collector's Edition (Same as NWC 25th)
Galf [White]
Metal Storm [Limited Run Black]
Jat & Silent Bob Mall Brawl [Premium]
Holy Diver Collector's Edition
Star Wats [Premium Edition]
Battletoads [Legacy Cartridge Collection]
Alfonso's Arctic Adventure
Nebs n Debs
Days of Thunder (Chris Oberth)

Anonymous said...

2 year later still not fix ?? supose to be fix in a week :p any solution ? i realy need to filter by console, pls

Unfortunately, a temporary side effect of this change is the collection value for a specific console is unavailable. This will last about a week while our servers recalculate those values for all accounts. Please be patient.

JJ said...

@anonymous - All users can see the collection value for specific consoles/sets. You select the category to filter your collection to (games, pokemon, comics, etc). Then you choose the console/set to filter even more (ps4, pokemon base set, etc). You will see all the items for those filters and the total value for that console/set.

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