Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tons of Rare Games on Ebay This Week

Lots of video game collectors decided to sell some of their rare games at the same time. Ebay has quite a few rare games listed for sale, many with low starting prices and no reserve (and others with crazy high starting bids).

Nintendo World Championships Gray - $25,000 starting bid
Atlantis II for Atari 2600 - $250 starting ($454 now)
Extertainment Bike Rally and Speed Racer - $320 starting bid
Brand New Cheetahmen II - $0.99 starting (now $975)
Zelda's Adventure CDi Game - $0.99 starting (now $146)
New Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition - $0.99 starting ($3,350 now)

Complete Panesian NES games all from the same seller:
Hot Slots - $1,200
Peek-A-Boo Poker - $1,100
Bubble Bath Babes - $1,100
and a 2nd Sealed Cheetahmen II from the same seller


Anonymous said...

There is also a copy of Yoshi's Story International Version on ebay now. First one to surface in about a year.


Anonymous said...

Odd that so many rare games would be listed all at the same time. And odd that they'd do it now, instead of waiting for the Christmas season when stuff on ebay sells for more money.

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